To the north of Harkesh and Marea and the Islands lie the desolate lands of Zaldiri ruled by the aged huge adult cave dragon, Ruzgar of Fog and Hungers. Bordered by the Magdar Kinngdom and Perunalia to the north, with both the Verkove Hills and the Gennecka Forest serving as natural boundaries, the land is mainly rural, with several small villages populated by only the hardiest of Kobaldi and Jambuka.

Although Ruzgar is a cave dragon and his main dwelling place is in deep caves below his favourite perch overlooking his capital city of Zaldiri on the Ruby Sea. But he only comes out to his perch at night. Ruzgar avoids presenting himself during the daylight hours, partly because he is a cave dragon and finds the bright light irritating, but also because his wings have been so savaged over the years that he can now no longer fly.

The lands of Zaldiri are thinly poplulated because Ruzgar’ hunger knows no bounds, so much so that he will even attack and devour his own populace. The other Morza are slightly apprehensive about Ruzgar’s lack of control, but he still keeps his Province, and gets on well with the Dread Sultan.

Due to the thin population, the lands are largely understocked of livestock and much food is gained by firece raids into the Magdar Kingdom and Perunalia whenever the hungry forces of Ruzgar can manage them. The hills are famous for Splitsoul Ore, a type of metal that can do extra necrotic damage with every cut and is also idea for the building of Nine Lives Stealers.

Zaldiri: This is the only major city aand is built with many perches for large dragons and drakes. It is well guarded at all times and difficult to assail from the sea. There are extensive tunnels underneath the city and the land around it is enriched by the main Dragoncoil Ley Line running through the area.

Ruins of Tirovec: There used to be a walled city here but it is now largely destroyed and abandoned to ghosts and decay, although more recently a few kobold clans have begun building waterwheels, restoring mills, and planting rye in the area.

Ruins of Pharos:
Once a seat of learning and hub of trade, the town has been razed by countless invasions and is now a swampy land of old towers and hillocks – a place of dark dragons and even darker ghosts.

Valogrod: This border town is the most northerly part of the province, not far from the Magdar city of Cronepisht. It is the main staging point for raids into the Magdar Kingdom to secure food supplies.

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