Ye Olde Darakhul


This ancient tavern is situated near the northern wall of the city and close to many of the traveller inns that service the great desert routes of the horse and camel trains into the Sarklan. It has a reputation for being rough and ready as well as cheap and cheerless, and is owned and run by the ever frowning gnoll, Ragged Tooth Ralph and his close-knit pack of gnoll guardians.

To make things a little easier on clients, Ralph hires humans as the main servers in his establishment and it is in this place that one will easily find the most unsavoury of types, but it is also here that one will find useful links to the caravan trade – caravan guards and mercenaries like Khuldjan often frequent this tavern and are always on the lookout for coin. Equally, it is here that one might also meet up with shifty messengers of the clandestine rogue’s guild The Sand Corsairs and even make contact with emissaries of THE GRAND NECROPOLIS.

Worshippers of Nakresh the Many Handed tend to congregate here, and the CULT OF ANU-AKMA is strong. Darakhul and other undead are tolerated in here, although very few of the powerful undead forces will willingly expose themselves in the dark chambers, preferring instead to send lesser emissaries or even terrified or fanatical human representatives.

The City Watch know of the place but tend to turn a blind eye to activities and meetings held within the grounds of the establishement, not wanting to cause any problems with either the city’s gnoll population or upset the apple cart “carrying” THE LAW OF THE NECROPOLIS.

Old “Ragged Tooth” is not a great fan of the arts so there is little entertainment in the way of music and dance in his establishment but there are several small gambling rooms and a permanent tent pitched next to the building within the grounds where sponsored fights are staged, often between Ralph’s own gnoll pack members, but sometimes more exotic conflicts are arranged.

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Ye Olde Darakhul

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