Wild Plains of Qaen


To the North of Parthia and the East of Kalpostan are the Wild Plains of Qaen, loosely ruled by Great Drakes and Wind Dragons who never signed up to Mharot’s plan. These lands are as wild and chaotic as anywhere in Midgard. The dragons here fight among each other and against any others that try to approach from the Empire.

It is a sparsely populated land with few human inhabitants, although some say there are Windrunner Elves living here who have made their own pacts with the indigenous dragons and drakes. These rumours have yet to be confirmed for few ever enter this place and return. There are certainly kobolds loyal to their Wind Lords and so fiercely opposed to the Empire that any intruders are shot on sight, no questions asked. Mharot orders his subjects not to enter the land, and maintains a “live and let live” relationship with the place.

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Wild Plains of Qaen

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