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This is just a very quick introduction back into the City of Siwal without having to read through all the information laid out in the Wiki Pages for Nuria Natal and The Garden City of Siwal



Aten is the most popular God in Siwal. The Library Temple of Thoth-Hermes is very famous and is served by priests of Thoth-Hermes, Horus and Aten. The Cult of Anu-Akma is strong in the city and there is a wing devoted to him in the Library Temple. Worship of Bastet is frowned upon in Siwal, as is worship of Nakresh the Many Handed, although not by the many scoundrels that inhabit the city. As the titled Garden City, Nin and Naunet are also revered and use the sacred waters of the region to care for the Royal Gardens. Thoth-Hermes is a more modern (and more benevolent) reincarnation of the Ancient God Thoth. The god most hated by the good people of Siwal is Aposis, the Chaos Serpent, Lord of Darkness and Destruction!
For Further information see Deities and Powers.



Sultan Tayeb Al-Mamun is the ruler of the City but many of the official duties are carried out by Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun. The supreme ruler of Nuria Natal is the God-King Tutmoses the 23rd and for that reason Trade Ambassador Abdul Bashir, who is the main contact with the capital, is very important. His true master is really Ramon Marakesh, who is the sponsor of Arcael and The Oooze. Other important figures include Abdul Ali Hamsa, trader in BLACK SALT and sponsor of Peter and the Puddings, Kadir al-Shaba (Chief Gravebinder of the Necropolis) and Emir Beg Khan, leader of the Qamari.



Most of the population of Siwal is human, who are predominantly Nurian in culture, although a large Annite population is split into the lighter skinned cultures of the Tamasheq and the Qamari. There are some ebony hued Kushites from the south and a few dark skinned Zwana from the Abandoned Land of Narumbeki. Non human races consist mainly of gnolls, dwarves, a few Heru (Ravenfolk) and even less kobolds, living around the area of Ye Olde Darakhul and given sanctuary by the Sultan.



Music and Dance are widely celebrated among both royalty (e.g. The Bright and The Beautiful dancers of Zahra al-Zaina) and among the many Inns, Taverns and Caravanserais throughout the city, with Peter and The Puddings being the most popular and Arcael and The Oooze beginning to make a name for themselves.
Famous Inns and Taverns include Ye Olde Darakhul, run by Ragged Tooth Ralph, The Lingering Odour, run by Sheila Zweels, Boys R Us, run by Ghazal Adara, The Staff and Scimitar, run by Shamira Shahimila, The House of Mehmet, run by Mehmet al-Fasri, and Blue Water Inn, owned and run by our very own Xavier.

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