Triolan Quarter Underground



In the dark corners of every bar in the sector, in the quiet streets, in the graveyards, in the ramshackle buildings, down dark stairways leading to forgotten ancient places, you are likely to hear the creeping steps of a group of very naughty teenagers, hell-bent on making a name for themselves in this highly regulated part of the city!

They go by the name of TEENAGE RAMPAGE!”

Some of their close associates (for they do not really have friends) know them by their names:


Gangwulf, Battlefield Surgeon and Cleric of Lada,


Jack of Badside Row, like Cheapside, but worse…


Sni Ve-Lor, low level sniper with high level aspirations,


Squeek Squaker, Kobold dragon yelper and aspiring artist.

Another associate is yet to be initiated as part of the group.
His name is not yet known.

This group of scoundrels do not have any direct affiliations but their main contact to the Underworld of the Triolan Quarter is Krispy Dacon, concierge at The Cockle and Clam.

They are ever on the lookout for cash and adventure:
More than just a pipe dream…

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Triolan Quarter Underground

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