Tomb of the Elephant God

Tomb of the Elephant God Short Notes

To be continued after The Gravebinder’s Daughter.

Tomb of the Elephant God Shortnotes


N.B: Choose a place in the Sands of Sorrow for this to take place.
PERFORM (at Blue Water Inn) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 22 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from SOMEONE. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT and confer an EXTRA Status Point to Xavier. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one and two EXTRA Status Points of Xavier!!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS: Remember the new Tier System: Arcael: Tier 3; Goran, Xavier: Tier 2, Baartiman, Saabu: Tier 1.

All Party Members should still be on Level Seven from previous adventure (Gravebinder’s Daughter) – Remember KOBOLD group en route.


Ancient Tomb. Hidden treasures. Vision of Saabu Theet in the library.


Find Ancient Tomb, enter with Tusk Keys, engage with Traps and Minions and conclude either by destroying or saving the weakened God, Maraut.

Ley Lines

Middle Sea Line: North to South through Siwal for a mile on either side and veering North East through the Sands of Sorrow: WEAK LEY LINE (lev 3 spells): Locked – Penetrating Spell (Ley Line Magic overcomes any energy resistance) This line changes to Titanic when it joins the Green Nuria River miles to the South. (Locked: Echoing Spell) DC= 10 + Lev of Spell to use!

First Desert Night: Wight Attack led by Dread Wight

These will be wights previously purged by the Church of Horus after The Gravebinder’s Daughter. In the absence of the Necromancer, the remaining wights not destroyed by the purge will unite under the Dread Wight (possibly evil cleric) to escape into the nearby desert. They will roam around at night, looking for sleeping travellers to attack, and will find the party on their way to The Tomb.

Move off LEY LINE for next adventure, veering off to direct North – west of the Sands of Sorrow.

Kobold Sleeper Unit in Desert

Set up this unit in the desert. They have been made homeless by the same storm that opened up the Temple of the Elephant God and have been wandering the desert, looking for a new place to build their secret hive. They will be extremely aggressive.

Party find the temple after Kobold encounter.
Difficult to get into apart from new openings – Dimensional Lock prevents Teleportation and Transmutation spells such as Stone Shape required DC 28 Spellcraft Check to penetrate any room and inadvertantly summon a demon (60% chance)

Two tusks embedded in underground skull of enormous elephant.
Festering Spirit GET STATS
DETECT EVIL: Whole area has STRONG aura of evil.
Four statues outside have EIGHT SPECIAL TUSKS – can be screwed out and taken. Easily removed by turning anticlockwise and making DC10 Disable Device check. These are all “Keys of Power” See P82

Pool outside has a Fiendish Water Naga that lures party with promise of treasure then attacks, clouding water so those outisde cannot see. See p82. GET STATS
TREASURE: Jewelled Tusk (Front Door Entry)

Level One

Enter Temple through either front door with Jewelled Tusk or through breach.

7. Elephant Procession Room

DC20 Linguistics Check to translate writing. Clues to AREA 9. Importance of flowers is hinted at in description of Sacrifice of Flowers.

8. Bloody Hall

Secret Doors DC30 Perception DC36 Disable Device. Portal DC26 Disable Device.
As gears move, DC20 Fort check or sickened for 1d4+1R.
EMACIATED DEVOURING MIST: Undead, Darkvision, Fly, Blooddrain p83

9. Three Aspects of Maurat

Trap CR8 DC29 Perception DC29 Disable Device 10d6 sonic p84

10. Stone Block

Doorway operated by tusk to…

11. Priests’ Sarcophagi

Four chambers. One is different. DC25 Perception to located. Remove lid DC24 Strength
4 Skinstitches that look like mummies. DC26 Know Religion to know they are Skinstitches
Get Stats for Priestly Effigy
TREASURE: Two Scrolls: Blessed Halo and Holy Smite

12. Minions of Aposis

Continual Flame in room, Ankeshelian Scripts. High ceilinged Room divided in two by deep pit: ladders down and up other side along the walls. As soon as someone steps on bottom floor, 2 shadow demons descend from where they were bound in the darkest shadows of the ceiling above.
READ UP MAGIC JAR and SHADOW DEMON special POSSESSION rules – See Lost Library of Thoth
TREASURE: Symbols DC12 Know Religion, Search Skulls DC15 Perception: Personal Symbols of Maurat worth 2,200 GP and DC24 to find Ring of Force Shield (+2 AC Shield)

Simian Sentinals: Insect Trap CR8 DC30 Perception DC30 Disable Device 3d6 Dmg Will Save DC20 to disbelieve CR8 p86
6 Pits with statues. The eyes of each statue are valuable gems DC14 Dis Device to remove gems.
(Using brute force to remove forces a DC20 Ref SAV or drop gem into pit.
TREASURE: 10 Eye Gems of 200 GP each. STATUE JAWS have locking mechanism DC22 Perception and DC20 Disable Device to reveal 3 flasks Holy Water 450 GP Total

14. Gem Keyed Stone Block – 12 Gems needed to open door to Temple.

15. Defiled Temple

25’ high ceiling. Statues defiled in blood and excrement. Many carvings and depictions. Statue of THE TALL ONE in 20’ x 20’ section, with flowers coverings seam. Cleansing (by removing floral patterns) can only be done after WRETCHED PREISTS are destroyed. There are five of these (modified Allips)
Wretched Priests (5) p87
See p87 and 88 – process of cleansing, involving holy water, flowers from AREA 4 and burning. DC15 Know Religion for clues on what to do.
Once cleansed the 20’ x 20’ platform drops 30’ to LEVEL TWO!
ALTERNATIVE ENTRANCE TO LEV TWO: DC24 perception feeling under the bowl held by the statue to find pressure points – proper order pressed DC 28 Disable Device causes platform to descend as if the cleansing and flower sacrifice has taken place.

Level Two

Enter this level through Area 15. Defiled Temple after cleansing and ceremony of flowers. Platform with The Tall One descends into corridor just north of Room 16. Priest of Aposis enters (See p88) approaches – DC12 Sense Motive determines no harm – Speaking in Ankeshelian – DC20 Perception to make out words.
TREASURE: Phylactery of The Shepherd, Holy Symbol 500 GP, Scroll of Nova p94, Scroll of Searing Light

16. Gallery of Whispers and Tears

Ceilings 30’ high. Pit is 20’ deep and room is closed off with with Four Limestone Pillars.
All Limestone Blocks have indentations but only one is activated by a tusk. Block is lowered and HOWLING FURY rushes in from corridor outside. It will swirl around the whole of room 16, where the only respite will be in the PIT. It also continues to blow in the corridors outside but there are respite points in this area (small alcoves).
HOWLING FURY moves around the area, doing 1d3 Dmg/R to anyone with less than FULL PLATE MAIL. Only respite are the magical in the outside corridors and the pit in the central chamber. Characters need to brave the corridor to find DOOR 18.

DOOR 18 and DOOR 20 are both IRON BARRIERS. Whichever one the characters find first, make that DOOR 18 leading to Crypt of Ptembenek so that DOOR 20 is the second one – leading to Tomb of the Elephant God!

18. Iron Barrier1

This is an IRON BARRIER – this is similar to room 8: KEYHOLE LIKE OPENINGS requiring DC26 Disable Device to open. (-2 to anyone who has taken damage from HOWLING FURY)
Doorway leads to Crypt of Ptembenek.

19. Crypt of Ptembenek

Thin 5’ winding corridor to get to the crypt. DC15 Linguistics to read story of the High Priest in Hieroglyphics – Ptembenek was as wise healer in his day, as well as being reknowned in battle.
BRASS COFFIN: 2 Locks Each DC20 Disable Device. DC15 STR to move Coffin Lid.
Trap: DC29 Perception. DC29 Disable Device.
BREATH OF THE DEAD – See p89 and Belker Attack

Once Belker is despatched, Ptembenek drifts up from the corpse in smoky transparent humanoid form. Thanks party for releasing him and offers them his treasure:
TREASURE: Two BEADS OF FORCE, One PEARL OF POWER (Lev Three), STAFF OF BLESSED RELIEF and four jewels worth 2,000 GP in total.

20. Iron Barrier2

This door has the familiar indentation and thread indicating use of a tusk. Both Stone Tusk and Jewelled Tusk will open this doorway; however, use of STONE TUSK will also trigger TRAP! It is possible to locate and detect this trap before using the tusk – DC30 Perception and DC30 Disable Device needed.
TRAP: See p90 BONESHATTER TRAP! 9d6 Dmg DC22 Fort for half
TREASURE: If Jewelled Tusk was used, it is now fused but the 5,000 GP worth of jewellery may be prised out of it.

21. Entrance to Tomb

Enter through long corridor. Two vulture statues weep blood as soon as room is entered. This coalesces into two Golems that may appear to be undead creatures.

22. Tomb of the Elephant God

Large room with 40’ high ceiling and pool of clear water 8’ deep. Curved and raised dias on three levels each 5’ higher than the other such that the sarcophagus rests on the floor 15’ higher than the entrance at 20’ below the roof.
Sarcophagus is 18’ long and its lid is hinged on the west side. Six spikes of black iron pass through metal loops on the east side of the sarcophagus – radiate mild necromatic magic. An Non Evil character touching without some sort of PROT FROM EVIL takes 1d4 dmg. This ends when spike is removed. DC15 Spellcraft to know this. After all spikes are removed the lid can be opened with a DC18 Strength Check.

Elephant God holds Black Heart of Malice (3,000 years) God is LN
If he or his possessions are disturbed in any way Black Heart shatters Pain Wave see p91 DC24 Will Partial or 5d6 Non Lethal and stunned 1d4 R 40’ – knocked back and prone (DC25 REF to avoid prone)
PLAYER AID: Pic on p93

Maurat attacks. There is a small chance that PCs may want to help him rather than fight but this is quite difficult – see p92. Encourage players if they wish to try this, but there are at least three checks before Maurat is convinced.

Maurat Med Outsider – See STATS on p92. AC25 HP149 F10 R15 W13 CMB+19 CMD36
Init +11 Divine Majesty Aura 15’ (Will Sav DC21 to attack or all attacks are at -2)
Darkvision 60’ Perception +20 Constant TRUE SEEING DR10/chaotic Telepathy 100’
TREASURE: GEAR: +2 Glorious Scimitar; Bracers of Armor +2, Gold Necklace 12,500 GP.
If Maurat is killed, there is a mighty blast and all those involved will receive a BLACK TATTOO on their forehead which marks them forever as GOD KILLERS! LN outsiders attack ON SIGHT anyone bearing this mark. Non Outsiders must make a DC25 Know Arcana roll to know its meaning, and must make their own decisions.


If, by any chance, the party elect to save Maurat and manage to convince him they are friends rather than enemies, he will give them a bag of stones, that can be considered as a WISH SPELL summoning Maurat himself.
Since that is not likely, the group will most probably bear the marks of their deeds and return to Siwal with what treasures they have gained.

XP from this adventure is enough to take Characters up to Level 8!

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Tomb of the Elephant God

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