To The Edge of The World

Edge of the World


PERFORM Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 17 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and CORPULENT and DOLDRUM from TARNISH will congratulate party. 4 successes will get a special commendation from SIR HENRY DE LA ZOUCHE. 5 successes will also GAIN 1 STATUS POINT for all!

HONOUR POINT AWARDS: Yander – 2 x Dagger +1 (stats changed on Char Sheet); Lord Flasheart – Shield +1 (Stats changed on Char Sheet); Arcael – Cloak of Resistance +2 (Stats changed on Char Sheet). *REMIND REWARD WINNERS TO LOOK AT PLAYER SECRETS FOR DETAILS

PERFORM TRUMAN CLICK to travel to Runkelstad to take up specialised FLUTE lessons (Away for 14 days) – On return, he will be able to add his +3 PERFORM skills granted by the Flute of Stradivarius. [If Iain not present, NPC Cleric HENRY ANSARA is available].

INFO The time is late summer. (This is about three months after first starting out in Zobeck) An airship arrives in Zobeck. You have seen these before but it is still a rare occurrence and they are still beautiful things. URGENT MESSAGE TO ATTEND AT RESIDENCE OF SIR HENRY DE LA ZOUCHE. Meet Lord Aaron Von Schmidt. Be ready to travel on AIRSHIP tomorrow morning. Party will escourt a valuable treasure to Barsella and meet with SIMEZ ROTHGAZZI of the HOUSE ROTHGAZZI, who will arrange return journey home when available. After delivering item to SIMEZ, primary mission will be to collect any MYSTERIA in time before returning. KEEP BOX IN BAG OF HOLDING AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT OPEN. DO NOT GIVE TO ANYBODY OTHER THAN SIMEZ.
100 GP Expenses, a Scroll of Raise Dead and two Scrolls of Restoration are given to the party with any reward to be discussed on return according to MYSTERIA returned.


Meet Simez Rothgazzi and be offered the KEY OF VELES to open a warded door. Speak with Bloodless Lich-Queen of Karn’Lothra enter tomb of Qoraz Velesson and get BOOK OF VAEL TUROG. Travel on LEVIATHAN to the EDGE OF THE WORLD and cross void to visit the CITADEL OF A MILLION STARS.


A special request from Lord Aaron von Schmidt to travel on an airship and find MYSTERIA from far off lands should be enough to encourage everyone.


Party embark on the Airship docked at The Citadel. Passes arranged by Lord Aaron von Schmidt.
Journey to Barsella will take 3 days (usually a full month on foot)
Describe high mountains of Cantons, thick forests of Grand Duchy, Slowed Elders of Wasted West and verdant green lands around Barsella. NO ENCOUNTERS.
Land in Barsella and meet Simez Rothgazzi (Head of the HIGH ORDER OF GEOMANCERS). (Human Wiz6 Geo7 LN with invis stalker CR7 AC20 HP80 Attk 12/12 slams) and CHARM (Piercing Spell Will DC15).
SIMEZ cannot arrange return trip for a while but offers characters chance to retrieve an ITEM from a nearby island. PLAYER AID: KEY OF VELES 1
Either 500 GP each OR Instruction in LEY LINE MAGIC 0 charges*
and scroll: Protection from Undead 10’ R (Treat as Magic Circle v Evil : Duration 50 min, +2 to AC and Saves, 2nd Save v Compulsion, bodily contact prohibited, Intelligent Undead can make WILL SAV v DC17 to attack, 10’ R from caster or person touched).

Introduction to ship, THE SPEEDWELL and Captain Gullnipper.
PLAYER AID: GULLNIPPER PIC and SPEEDWELL MAP *Advice from Simez to spend a day gathering gifts for Queen of Karn’Lothra. He hears she likes small animals and relics of Ankeshel. Set sail in the morning.

Six days sailing, first three days with no encounters. SPEEDWELL MAP. Then three more:
DAY FOUR: No encounters. A sailor will be on watch on deck during nights.
DAY FIVE: Attack by Goblin Warship CR2 and CR1/3 (Lookout is surprised and killed) (See p5 and printout)
DAY SIX: No encounters if GOBLIN Prisoner shows best way to avoid SPARK CR6 area.
DAY SIX: If no prisoner was taken, SPARK may attack. (See p5) If it hits and possesses a PC, the PC takes the wheel and never lets go until arriving at Anamareth’s harbour. (for both Goblins and Spark, see extra sheets or Midgard Bestiary p57 and p87)

Arrive in harbour of ANAMARETH, THE CITY UNFORGOTTEN. All quiet in harbour during day. Slaves will report the party if they approach them. LICH HOUND CR4 may try to shepherd party back to the ship and fight may ensue: See p6 There are tomb districts, which if explored, may encourage WHITE MONKEYS CR2 – See p6

After sunset, MAD PRINCE DELAND CR7 floats over water to see what party want. NB: READ UP GHOSTS! He can arrange audience with the Queen if he is pleased with responses and gifts (Diplomacy DC15). PCs to leave weapons behind on boat. If PCs refuse, the audience is off and STEALTH will then be required.

Two Daugr CR2 guards at palace entrance. (See p6) ASK ABOUT BUFFS
Four Daugr CR2 and Captain CR3 with Queen in Queen’s Chamber.
Audience with Queen needs DC20 check from HIGHEST STATUS with +4 if queen presented with gifts, but all must roll and any NATURAL ONES will be a meal for the queen. (See p7)
Successful DIPLOMACY check will gain authorised entrance to tomb with all XP awards.


Climb checks needed to get to the tomb. Remember to roll Perception for Wight following. DC is 30! RED DOOR has Trap CR3. WARDED HALL has 2 Vampiric Mists (immune to SNK and CRITs but vulnerable to FIRE) PLAYER AID: PIC Tch attcks to bleed and siphon, Fly 50’, sense blood 60’R. CR3 CON dmg and HEALS itself. CHAMBER OF SPHERE Six Shadows CR3 each and Lesser Sphere of Annihilation – Should use Prot from Evil scroll but can also use CONTROL OF LESSER SPHERE.
GET SHADOW STATS READY! Knowledge Roll for Sphere DC18 Know what it is. DC20 Know it is “LESSER” DC22 (Know that it can be controlled): CONTROL DC 15 (Roll 1d20 + LEV + INT MOD). Range 40’ SUCCESS = Move sphere distance of 10’ from far away (40 + 10’ per PC Lev) SPHERE can be moved 10’ + 5’ for every 5pt control above DC) as a FREE ACTION. Need to roll each round. FAILURE means Sphere slides 10’ towards person attempting to control. Chest can be used to transport Sphere but this needs UMD DC15 + Control Check. NB: Book of Turog will protest if this happens!
Get BOOK of VAEL TUROG and leave! WELL. There is a Well in the room which goes down for 20 ft (iron rungs) and leads to a secret tunnel down to the coast. Players taking this route will avoid the WIGHT attack.
However, if they choose to remain long in tunnel or go back through passage, WIGHT CR3 attacks: The wight has 50 GP and a Wand of Magic Missiles 5 Chrges

Whole load of Undead will be after the party by this time but Book of Vael Turog offers protection – Circle of Prot from Evil lasting 10 minutes – enough to complete summoning ritual of LEVIATHAN.

Summoning ritual on last page. Holder of the book compelled to read this to the end. (NO SAVE) Leviathan arrives. See p10. Coerce characters onto island with SHADOWS (and signs of undead coming towards them from the city.)

Explore Leviathan. PLAYER AID MAP Mongrelmen p11 CR1 6 days to explore, find Bubble. DAY SEVEN: starts to submerge. 7 Days underwater. Commune with LEVIATHAN by eating Godflesh. Hint at jump into void.


Meet with stars. First one is Ongiol the Scout, Star Bearer. CR 2 Players can steer LEVIATHAN here. (Knowledge Arcane DC15). Eventually gets to Citadel of the Stars.
Where are we? (Knowledge Planes DC15 or Knowledge Arcana DC22). Ethereal Plane. (Ethereal Jaunt cast here returns players to mortal world, hundreds of miles above the ground.) May be other encounters. See p13

Meet Elushiel Star Bearer p13 PLAYER AID He can guide players to citadel but if they fight he is CR 2 If killed, he turns into LIONSTOOTH – Short Sword +1 (see p13). Elushiel offers two alternatives:
1. Take the Beast away (it will come back anyway)
2. Remain at Star Chamber and plead case by entering Court of a Million Stars and speaking with King Iortas and Queen Astrakia. (Treat as Shae)
Explore Citadel. NB: Alchemist Tower. Egg. KEY OF VELES CAN START HATCHING PROCESS If PCs manage to do this. (Will need HIGH Det Magic or True Seeing to know about it), then King and Queen offer gifts for help. Otherwise, meet as normal.
Meet with King and Queen. PLAYER AID PIC DEMAND: Hand over Leviathan for its GODFLESH or control it and take it away. (This needs BRIDLE). King and Queen control 50 starbearers (Lantern Archons CR 2) and a dozen Augur Kytons CR 2

Audience with Master of the Bridle. Listens, orders wine. Drugged. DC 25 Perception to notice if declared. Otherwise, Poison ingested DC13 Fort Sav 1 min unconscious 1d3 hrs 1 sav.
Abdiel CR 4 (see p18) will fight, along with 2 Augur Kytons and with Elushiel joining in.

Best option is to RELEASE LEVIATHAN, thus gaining 1,500 XP, 2 STATUS POINTS each and 10,000 GP from sale of BRIDLE. (Other options on p19)


Scroll of Raise Dead DC9 – CL = Ansara 1 + d20 (8 needed to use)
Scroll of Restoration x2 DC8 – CL = Ansara 1 + d20 (7 needed to use) [RD + 2SR needed]
Key of Veles 10 chrg
500 GP or LEY LINE MAGIC tuition
Scroll of Protection from Undead 10’R
Elvish Chain +1 and 50 GP on Queen’s Captain
550 SP
Lesser Sphere of Annihilation
Book of Vale Turog
Magical Containing Box (built for holding any Magic Item that fits) – to be designed!
50 GP
Wand of Magic Missile 5 chrg
LIONSTOOTH Short Sword +1
Bridle of the Leviathan
4 Golden Goblet sets 100 GP each

Experience Points (may change due to CR Rating)

Goblin Sailors 800 + 1,350
Possibly Spark (up to 1,500 if defeated)
Lich Hound 1,200
Mad Prince Deland 3,200
Daugr Guards 600 each (2 + 4)
Daugr Captain Heartless Pearl 800
Find and Disarm Pit Trap 800
Vampiric Mists 800 + 800
Shadows 800 × 6
Wight 800
Reefclaws (Optional) 400 × 6
Mongrelmen 400 × 6
Gelatinous Cube 800
Ongiol, Star Bearer 400
Elushiel Star Bearer 400
Various Lantern Archons 400 each
Various Augur Kytons 400 each
Abdiel Master of Bridle 1200
Augur Kytons 400 × 2
Shadow Fey 1800
Lev 3 is 5,000. 3,000 XP needed. Max for adv = 2,000 per person.

Time Spent

Time to Barsella – 3 days
Day in Barsella – 1 day
Time to Karn’lothra – 6 days
Leviathan – 6 days
Underwater – 7 days
Ethereal – no time
Return Journey to Barsella – 14 days
Days in Barsella – 2 days
Back to Zobeck – 3 days
Total Time: Approx 42 days (6 weeks)

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To The Edge of The World

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