The Sun and Circle


The busiest and most popular of all taverns in Harkesh is The Sun and Circle, situated in central Harkesh, near to the docks, the Edjet Barracks, the Dragon Embassies and the First Bridge, thus also being fairly close to the Grand Bazaar and Forums and frequented by soldiers, sailors, merchants and dignitaries alike. Although it has a couple of large sheltered perches for dragons, it is mainly geared toward the smaller races but welcomes all castes as customers.

The establishment is owned by the former Edjet Sea General and notorious pirate, Zheng Zhilong, a powerful dragonkin warrior of great wealth and good standing with both the Dread Sultan and the Castellan, Satarah al-Beldestani, and with his own private guard of Edjet warriors and sorcerers. No weapons of any kind are permitted into the building and must be left at the gatehouse, guarded by his own personal guard. All are welcome – from Jambuka to Morza as long as they abide by his rules, although obviously, if any of the Morza did visit, they would be treated as VIPs and could effectivey do whatever the hell they want.

There is a private room set up for the Dread Sultan or any other medium sized dignitaries and there are two sheltered perch areas for any visiting Urmanli or Timarli, with enough space to hold their retinues and guards. Small meeting rooms can be hired out to merchants, soldiers and nobles alike, but the main room is a large area with two mezanine levels overlooking it. Bartenders are all dragonkin and busboys; caterers and chambersquires are all kobolds, with some lowly humans native to Harkesh in the roles of cleaners and porters.

Many trade deals are struck here, and many friendships forged across racial lines. Violence is not tolerated and even soldiers are subject to establishment rules. The private guard of Zheng are all highly experienced soldiers and sorcerers and are easily able to eject any trouble makers with the least amount of fuss. Any disturbances that result in the death or serious injury of a customer will be referred directly to the City Guard.

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The Sun and Circle

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