The Staff and Scimitar


The Staff and Scimitar is situated close to the Natural Wells near the Public Gardens and is owned and run by Shamira Shahimila, a priestess of Isis, who grew up and studied in the city of Laksor. It is whispered among the regulars that she blesses the waters used in the brewing process so that her beers are not only frothy and full of life, but are also rumoured to heal the wounded spirit, and indeed many weary traveller has left the place feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The range of wines on offer is not great but exotic spiced spirits are sold and free dates are handed out to the patrons at mealtimes. There are two small bars, several private rest rooms and some farily luxurious lodgings on the upper floors. One of the most enticing things about the venue is its garden lounge, a walled courtyard with tables and benches in the back of the establishment, covered by palms and thick bushy vines that shield patrons from the harsh sun of the desert.

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The Staff and Scimitar

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