The Silk Scabbard

Silk scabbard

By no means a small operation, the Silk Scabbard occupies an otherwise nondescript two-storey brick structure near the junction of Upper and Lower Zobeck and the Kobold Ghetto. Tyron owns and runs the place presumably with the protection of the trade oligarch. In fact, it is whispered by some that he is Lord Greymark’s man.

Fond of risk, Tyron runs many games and only fixes a few. The management sees the occasional brawl as the cost of doing business and keeps the furniture sturdy but comfortable. The Silk Scabbard’s girls are well kept, a local bard advertises the brothel as “a dozen lovely ladies, and two ugly ones!”

There is usually a bouncer at the door that knows his customers well, as does the barman, Drajan.

There are two floors. The street level contains the brothel, main bar and pit fighting areas. The upper level hosts the gambling and auxiliary bar with a couple of overflow rooms for the brothel.

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The Silk Scabbard

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