The Sand Pirates

The Sand Pirates Short Notes

This will continue after the brief compressed adventure “Bottled Desire”.

The Sand Pirates

This will be an adventure into the open desert, involving a Salt Kraken, a Maelstrom, dealing with the Pirates on board The Wind’s Mistress and dealing with the moral dilemma of what to do with the ship and Nadirah.


PERFORM (at The Lingering Odour) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 22 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from SOMEONE. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one!!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:




After the previous adventure, the party should all be alive and well and have progressed to LEVEL SIX.

No further short notes were made for this adventure as all notes were compiled on paper due to continued computer and tablet issues.

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The Sand Pirates

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