The Sand Corsairs


The Sand Corsairs are the most secretive organisation in all of Midgard and the most powerful guild of rogues in The Garden City of Siwal. They remain behind closed doors and tall dark screens, they approach through dark alleyways and watch through the curtains. They are light of foot and sleight of hand, and if you want anything from under the counter, or anything done within dark shadows, then they are the organisation to seek out end employ.

Nobody knows who runs the group, although many rumours abound: Some say a Triumvirate of Liches, others a cabal of priests of NAKRESH THE MANY HANDED; a clandestine council of Royal advisors, a secret alliance of powerful merchants, a High Priest of Set, or an assortment of all of these. Nobody knows! But one thing is sure: their influence controls the dark shadows of the city and perhaps even extends into THE LAW OF THE NECROPOLIS.

It is said their representatives can be found in any tavern, but that the best chance of making contact is at Ye Olde Darakhul, and it is whispered that a quiet word with “Man of Letters”, Talvin Singh will ensure an introduction.

Lone rogues and small non affiliate groups operating within the city are tolerated by the guild, but they do ultimately make the final decisions on important shady deals and one thing is certain, if The Sand Corsairs tell you to desist with a nefarious pursuit of any kind, one would be well advised to comply.

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The Sand Corsairs

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