The Nightmares of Arcael



Little is known of the origins of Sutemamel but he was certainly human and from an aristocratic family serving the Black Sorceress Melathea Stross at the time of The Great Revolt (against the dominion of the Elves) about 800 years ago. It is known that after the rebellion was quashed about 20 years later, he parted company from the Black Sorceress and set up his own sect in one of the great towers of Bemmea. It is said that he had been against Melathea’s collusion with Baba Yaga, and had instead entered into his own pact with the “Red Goddess” MARENA.

Here in the great Arcane Stronghold of Bemmea, he built The Spire of Confidence, whose foundations to this day form part of the Librarium Caelmarath, and gathered around him a cabal that was to later inspire the forming of the Nine Mage Council. There are fewer and fewer records of Sutemamel at this time but it is known that his followers held the Spire of Confidence for many years and that even in those early, days demonic and necromantic rituals were said to have been written and performed, even before the time of the Great Mage Wars.

By the time of the Great Mage Wars, the Spire of Confidence had been overrun by the Librarian Caelmarath and the name of Sutemamel had almost been forgotten. It is said that he became a sorcerer of such power that even death could not fight against him, and with the help of his dark Goddess, Marena, it is believed that he lived on as a Lich in some dark secret chamber in a great vault below the city.

About 472 years ago, at the time of the Great Mage Wars, the name of Sutemamel reappears in some records of the great Mage Families of that time. Such destruction was wrought in the lands at that time, with the powerful Mage Families calling upon ever and ever more dangerous powers until finally The Great Elders were released and laid waste to the great plains of the West. It is said that in this time some of the families turned to Sutemamel to save their lineage and it is believed he intervened, preserving the purities of some of the family bloodlines in arcane ways known only to Liches and Great Powers.

In the last few hundred years there has been no record of Sutemamel and it is believed that even his lich form has left the world. However, there are some dark cults who say his influence is still felt, especially in the west; and in the City of Bemmea, it is whispered that he comes to families of true worth in dreams, inspiring them to reach for great power, and encouraging them to take whatever steps they feel necessary to overcome all and everyone in their way.

For further detail on THE RED GODDESS, see Deities and Powers.

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The Nightmares of Arcael

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