The Lost Library of Thoth

The Lost Library Short Notes

To be continued after The Sand Pirates and a brief period of time in Siwal

The Lost Library of Thoth

There will have been clues already – Saabu Theet via Cassandra Per-Aten and Arcael via Allexei Splitleaf and Emir Beg Khan
Knowledge will comprise of facts: 1) The Emerald Tablets of Wisdom were once kept here, 2) Rumours of Ancient Scrolls kept here – double payment by Alexei v Sacred Ownership of Saabu’s Cult, 3) Knowledge of the Ancient Cult of the Scribe of the Heavens, 4) Fit in Arcael’s “Cracked Emerald Prism Ioun Stone, 4) Location of the Library found by Alexei and communicated to Arcael via Emir Beg Khan. 5) Find some form of MYSTERIA to interest the other characters!

Double Bill with Peter and The Puddings.
PERFORM (at The Lingering Odour) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 22 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from SOMEONE. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one!!
Give the party a single roll crucial to the PUDDINGS gaining extra Prestige via STATUS POINT increase. Lowest ranked member with +15 Perform needs score of 7 on a d20 to get FULL MARKS and STATUS INCREASE! – Let Arcael make this roll!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:

After the previous adventure, the party should all be alive and well and have progressed to LEVEL SIX.


Prior info via Saabu and Arcael. Possible rewards and riches may interest the other characters as well.


The location will be bequeathed to Arcael and the knowledge of the next full moon to enable entry will be bequeathed to Saabu. Three days travel north through desert to arrive at the place.
Entrance Chamber: Ibises – Det Magic will tell of magic, Need Spellcraft Check to determine Type: Abjuration – Cast at 12 Lev – Dispel DC 23
Trap DC 25 Disable DC 30
Test of Faith Opening – 6 Statues – Shadow Demon appears if test is failed. Archon Legion attacks anyone stealing these.
Room of Mirrors and Invisibility – Invisible Stalker Guardian
Room of Three Guardians: 3 Questions. Saabu has answer for Q1 and part answer for Q2. Each correct response can also be correctly remembered with a DC25 Knowledge Check. Separate DC30 Check for Third Question! If not all answered correctly, three Guardians of Thoth attack: Baboon, Ibis and Man.
Add in Chamber for Emerald Ioun Stone before Library – perhaps Rm A5 or A6.
Underground Library can be accessed after defeating the Guardians.

Add Room
Combination of Final Words Trap and Possessed Pillar. Overcome trap and destroy pillar to open secret door to Library.

Add in Chamber for Emerald Tablets of Wisdom – Empty but Leave something for Saabu, along with another clue. Add in Extra Chamber for Special Scrolls. There should be various scrolls of magic and information spread throughout the library.
Axiomites do not allow items to be taken from Library apart from the ITEM FOR SAABU in the empty TABLETS room and the SINGLE SPECIAL SCROLL of his choice.

NB: Parchment Swarm Trap

If party decide to attack the Axiomites, they can hold hands to summon a Zelekhut Inevitable.


Add some special info to this adventure regarding future adventures – Summer 2016!
Possible conflict: Arcael v Saabu regarding what to do with scrolls. (This may depend on Axiomites – see below) If party side with Arcael to force Saabu against his will, he will receive DIVINE ASSISTANCE that will not harm any player but will take away the scrolls – N.B: Profit can only be gained by collusion!
TREASURE: Apart from the Special Scrolls and any items in the other rooms, it should be difficult to remove any items from Library due to the Axiomites. The exception is that they will allow Saabu-Theet (as a devout servant of Thoth-Hermes to take ONE SPECIAL SCROLL of his choice). Party conflict may still arise over this, especially if the group decide to battle and overcome the Axiomites.
Four Axiomites – get details from Pathfinder PFSRD
Check on Safeguards against Depleting this Temple!
Check details on being able to leave the Library without Axiomite aid.

Further Info on The Temple of Thoth for Saabu Theet (from research at Library by he and Cassandra)

Wherever it is, it was made so that it could only be entered on one night per month during the Full Moon.
It is a moderately sized pyramid of dark stone. All of the writings within the Library will be ancient Hieroglyphics
Phrase found in ancient scripture: “Where should we search in the dark of the night? Answer: Cast your gaze to the moon’s bright light.” What shields us from Chaos’s gaping maw? Answer: Thoth’s great gift, ……THIS IS SMUDGED OUT AND TORN……

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The Lost Library of Thoth

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