The Lingering Odour


The Lingering Odour is a well established tavern situated near to both Amil Nightrate’s Spice Factory and The Grand Necropolis. Owner of the bar, Sheila Zweels, claims to have named the place after the beautiful fragrances emanating from Amil Nightrate’s establishment but sometimes, when the wind changes, patrons joke about the musty smell of Undeath that sometimes wafts in from over the Necropolis walls.

Inside the tavern, the ground floor is large and spacious with a good reputation for cheap food and average beer. It also boasts a large stage regularly hosting established entertainment groups, including a mid week residence slot for the popular Peter and the Puddings The second floor is taken up by a games room and two private bars, with some rather adequate rooms taking up the third floor at the top of the building.

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The Lingering Odour

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