The Isle of Karn'lothra

The Island of Karn’lothra


Far into the great expanse of the Western Ocean lies the Island of Karn’lothra. Said to be a high point of the sunken Ankeshelian kingdom of a time before the Elves, the island is ruled by the cold Lich Queen Ilnora of ANAMARETH, The City Unforgotten. The Queen deeply reveres the ancient DEAD of the Island and keeps many of the Tombs sacred, especially the very ancient Ankeshelian tombs. The coastal cliff faces of the island are littered with vaults, tombs, mausoleums and other monuments dedicated to many ancient dignitaries.

Queen Ilnora is noted for her timeless good looks and is guarded in court, not only by an array of Draugr and Shadows, but by her dreaded LICH DOGS which she loves to breed and use to hunt live humans, taken from the slave subjects she keeps under her terrible despotic rule. She has a fleet of black sailed ships, which she can send to invade any city on the Western Coast and so her authority in the Western Ocean is rarely challenged.

Schmidt Happens visited Queen Ilnora on this Island to steal the BOOK OF VAEL TUROG from the TOMB OF QORAZ for the famous Geomancer of Barsella, Simez Rothgazzi. The book was claimed at great cost, with two members of the group being turned to UNDEAD SERVANTS and only one member, Arcael, escaping with his life.

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The Isle of Karn'lothra

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