The House of Mehmet


The House of Mehmet is a popular Caravanserai on the north east of Siwal. It does not provide musical entertainment, which is why it would not commonly have been frequented by The Oooze but they will know it caters to camel trains and caravans as well as to sand sailors and bodyguards of all types.

The inn with its central courtyard is three storeys high with animals stables and cargo stored on the ground flor, apartments for travelers and merchants on the next floor, and small apartments for nobles and the owner, Mehmet al-Fasri, on the top floor. A single gate gives access to the courtyard, which is open to the sky and lined with alcoves where merchants can store their wares or house their animals and servants. A fountain in one alcove provides water for cleaning: another fountain drains into a watering trough for animals. The interior of the courtyard houses a blackmith, a harness maker, a camel dealer, a provisioner, a tailor and a barber. The second floor apartments at the House of Mehmet are rooms 20 feet on a side. Each one rents for 5 GP a night and sleeps up to ten.

Mehment offers communal meals of rice, hummus, lamb, and couscous served near the kitchens, and private meals are available for lodgers for an extra Silver Piece per person. The caravanserai is usually fairly busy at all times with guards, salt merchants, camel wranglers, cooks, a blacksmith, silk merchants, whores, and monks begging alms.

Mehmet is the owner and is usually seen walking around the place, chatting to customers and giving instruction to his staff and cousins. Mehmet comes from a large close knit family and his cousins all seem to have an important part of the running of this fairly affluent business.

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The House of Mehmet

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