The Honey Queen

The Honey Queen


PERFORM (Done on return from Barsella) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 17 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation. CORPULENT and DOLDRUM from TARNISH will congratulate party. 4 successes will get CORPULENT and DOLDRUM from TARNISH to buy round of free drinks for the party. 5 successes will get all of the above plus also GAIN 1 STATUS POINT for all!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:

MARGREVE ANCESTRY: No rolls as characters are all from different parts of the wold with little chance of ancestors having ever been in THE MARGREVE. But make roll for Vinny’s New Character.

INFO: The Time is autumn, about 45 days after first leaving Zobeck. (Zobeck to return = 42 days), then: Arrive Wed, TAVERN GIG Sat. Money from Gig (1,000 GP) plus payment for Bridle (20,000 GP) given to PARTY. TIME TO GO SHOPPING!


Party are invited to find special magical honey made from the Effildawnan flower in THE OLD MARGREVE, fairly near to Lecova. Ellese Calesh has a client that wishes for a jar of the magical honey. First offer is 500 GP, although up to 1,800 GP will be paid on receipt of the goods. In the meantime a +2 RING OF PROTECTION (4,000 GP RESALE: 2,000 GP) is offered for the payment of the honey, which can be used until time to barter. Party will have short encounter in town, an encounter near forest with an “OLD CRONE” (See GOD IN MASK in form of DRUID), Forest encounters: Spider, Frauleen, Ogre, THEN Hive Guardian: BEAR before entering Honey Caves to overcome TRAPS, BEES, Encounter the QUEEN and free LYLA.


Ellese Callesh contacts party through ARCAEL’s friend, GUSTAV REINKE. She arranges for them to meet her in home in the Dock District. NB: DOOR OPEN – Opportunistic robbery with Ellese knocked unconcsious on the floor. ALSO MYSTERIA: Magic Honeyof Effildawnan and CASH REWARD of up to 1,800 GP.


Notification from Gustav Reinke to meet up will Ellese Callesh in DOCK DISTRICT. Door open. Gang robbery. PLAYER AID: USE PLAINGRID MAP to represent room in house. Ruffian Guard at door. Three inside room. Kill or Deliver to authorities – DECLAN COOKE.
Offer from Ellese: See above. EFFILDAWNAN near HAG’S TOOTH HILLS. (A day or two East of Lecova)

5 days travel crossing river. (125 Miles) 8 days travel using bridge. (200 Miles) OR 1 Day and Night on BARGE followed by Day, Night, Day to LECOVA and then a further day and night to Hag’s Tooth Hills. LEY LINES: North to South is LOCKED LINGERING SPELL. (See Below):
River Argent:
WEAK LEYLINE: LOCKED – Lingering Spell (LEV 0 to LEV 3: Instantaneous Area Effect Spell lasts for 1R DC=10 + Spll Lev) Leyline CL check required as free action before casting spell. Roll of “1” is BURNOUT and BACKLASH! MCS p21 Table1-4 Damage from INSTANT spells MUST be rolled again at end of ROUND for EXTRA DMG unless target has moved out of its range. Anyone coming into range within that time will be subject to normal DMG.
DAY ENCOUNTER: 2 X Putrid Haunt MB p80 Player Aid MAP: Swamp Path

LECOVA: Old Mother Molvor, Chroback (life saved), Old Karl (Woodcutter) and Brother Arkadi (Senile Priest) all remember ARCAEL and offer good meal and simple lodgings for night. Have heard of Effildawnan and know it is near OLD HAG’S TEETH but not much more info.

MARGREVE Rumours and MARGREVE effects…..

Grandfather’s Tears:
WEAK LEYLINE: LOCKED – Intensified Spell (LEV 0 to LEV 3: Increase MAX Number of Damage Dice by 5 LEVELS e.g. CL5 Fireball is 10d6) DC=10 + Spll Lev Leyline CL check required as free action before casting spell. Roll of “1” is BURNOUT and BACKLASH! MCS p21 Table1-4 If DC is met and NO BURNOUT then spell is affected as described.
DAY ENCOUNTER: PLAYER AID: use ROAD SOUTH map and show PIC. Crimson Drake – Pretend to be Pseudodragon. Telepathy 60’ DC15 Will save needed after every minute to maintain Pseudodragon disguise. Failure means it is noticed to be another kind of drake. ESOTERIC and EVIL.

The Crone: See p46
Follow text but take note of any special activities for later reference.
Mother: (Giant Spider) then Maiden: (Ogre) – Boon/Bane then Directions to Vale

Effildawnan: Scent of Flowers: Hallucinations and Wild Boar See p47
ROOM ONE: Guardian: Grizzly
ROOM TWO: Layla Image in Swarm
TUNNELS: Three Traps, Bees, Giant Bees, Mite, Young Queens, etc.
HONEY QUEEN: Meet with Queen – defeat or barter, Release Lyla

See adventure notes for how party deal with Honey Queen – combat or barter.
Add a Random Combat on Grandfather’s Tears to allow LEY LINE effect.


Payment bartered between 500 and 1,800 GP (Party accepted 600 GP)
Payment of Ring of Prot +2 to pay for honey.
Boon or Bane ( gained +2 Stealth for one week)
Good advice: Crone
Help with directions
Brooch of Shielding 91 charges
Scrolls: CLW, Invisibility, Mage Armor, Fang
Ageless Honey (2 vials), CModW Potion, Honey Lamp
Item from Return Journey Random Encounter
Honey Lamp 6,000 GP

Experience Points

Thugs x4 800 XP
Putrid Haunt x2 1,200 XP
Ley Line Encounter: Crimson Drake 600 XP
Old Crone Variable
Giant Spider 400 XP
Ogre 800 XP
Boar 600 XP
Grizzly Bear 1,200 XP
Swarm of Bees 400 XP
Giant Bees x2 400 XP
Trap CR1
Trap CR2
Giant Bees x3 600 XP
Mite 200 XP
Young Queens x2 600 XP
Trap CR1
Honey Queen 2,400 XP
Ley Line Encounter on Return Journey: Dire Weasel x3 1,800 XP

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The Honey Queen

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