The Four Winds Tavern


Situated near to the Four Pillars of Wisdom, this upmarket and elitist bar has a strict “No Jambuka” policy. Any Jambuka found in this place will be roughly removed, or possibly even tortured and killed. It is run by the female dragonkin antipaladin Marcia Luvaris, who is still an active campaigner in the annual campaigns run by the Dread Sultan. When campaigning, the establishment is run by her brother and second in command, draconic bloodline sorcerer Marcus Luvaris.

The bouncers are dragonkin, the servers are both dragonkin and kobold, the entertainment is by a quintet of Song Drakes, who also perform public a capella performances in the Four Pillars of Wisdom once a week. There is a massive hall that can house up to 20 large dragons at a time, although this is rarely full.


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The Four Winds Tavern

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