The Fish and The Rose

The Fish and The Rose


Arcael has been to Annual Gathering. Deal with Lycanthropy Issue: Goran, Balgor, Bartiman – Start game three days till full moon (2 days after arrival in Zobeck): Consume Wolfsbane for new Fort Sav Throw v DC15 (can be buffed).
Chance to use HONOUR POINTS to secure success. If not needed, then gift to be bestowed. This is for Goran and Bartiman only. Balgor must take the consequences.
Normal Cost of a Bears Endurance Scroll is 200 gp
d20 Goran: 17 + Fort 4 (no buffing) = 21 (Bears Endurance will allow score of 25)
d20 Bartiman: 3 + Fort 7 (no buffing) = 10 (Bears Endurance will allow score of 14)
d20 Balgor 5 + Fort 7 (no buffing) +5 Rebuilt Divine Bonus = 17 (Bears Endurance will allow score of 22)
Balgor has already paid for his own Bear’s Endurance Scroll, thus passing the save! ALSO: 3 Level One clerics at the scene allow two dice rolls for each character (Advantage from LUCK domain of Rava.

Get Printed Pics.
TAD FAMILIAR has booked a FULL MOON Performance at the Wheatsheaf Tavern, that will mean the group will have to perform with a twiggy appearance: - 2 Cha Mod to all Perform Checks!
PERFORM (Wheatsheaf Tavern) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 22 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from Goran’s mate, Ziv the Sly. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one!!

Truman Click is off to administer healing for the Dwarves of Templeforge in their Canton war against Vursalis.

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:
No Change to Status Points.
CHECK CASH: Arcael: 890 GP; Bartiman: 1018 GP; Goran: 2299 GP; Iron Wall: 1084 GP; Arenicus: 500 GP; Saabu Theet: 82 GP


The PCs will be hired via Ziv the Sly (working for dark naga Syssysalai) to acquire a magical painting called The Fish and The Rose that is located somewhere in the dungeons under Lord Greymark‘s Vault. They need to find a way through THE CARTWAYS (sealed off by the Town Watch) but Ziv has a sketchy map he can give them. Get some sort of Player Aid The group must get past the goblin gang of Slinger, Scaler’s Alley, The Cartways and an underground chasm to reach Greymark’s Vault, evading derrros, traps and clockwork watchmen to find the painting and return it to Ziv the Sly.


Ziv the Sly meets the players at their concert and buys them a round. He offers the PCs 5,000 GP for the acquisition of a painting but cannot discuss further arrangements in The Wheatsheaf Tavern. He arranges to meet for coffee at Hommnal’s Roof Garden, where he fills them in on the necessary details. More to add?


Scaler’s Alley

Get Map for Alley and position L Shape in Kobold Ghetto

The Cartways are closed off by the Town Watch and the only way in is through a secret way in The Kobold Ghetto via Scaler’s Alley. PCs should be alerted to how powerful Scaler is, and perhaps Ziv the Sly could infer that negotiation is not out of the question.

SCALER’s ALLEY is 200’ long, turning in 80’ passage ending at Scaler’s stone house. Alley is 15’ wide. All doors and windows are boarded up on Alley side but doors can be opened with DC20 STR check. Foul haze limits vision to 15’. Many kobold drunks and other obstacles. Ask for constant perception checks. DC20 to see pipes emitting foul haze. Many pipes and skeletons on route. Roll d6 for every move. See TABLE p46. Ref SAV to avoid TRIP. On each failed TRIP, roll another d6 to see if another HAZARD is encountered. Get notes on Spiked Pit Trap, Acid Arrow Trap, Electricity Arc Prepare Random Rooms for Doors Entered.

Action starts 60’ in. Slinger’s AMBUSH. See Goblin STATS on p46. Slingers on roof have +4 AC cover from below and no smoke penalties when firing from above. Check BANK SHOT feat and each goblin has a potion of CLW. There are 5 members at the ambush point at all times but 30 gang members available.
Treasure should include CLW potions, Leather Armor + 1, Short Sword + 1 and Sling + 1

Turn round corner and there are new descriptions. Three Monitor Lizards Get Stats from PFSRD in alley, along with two more goblin slingers on roof. Slinger is in house with two lizards and will be alterted to any activity on DC10. Scaler Stats on p47.
A fight is not expected with Scaler, but if it goes this way, treasure should include Morningstar + 2, CMW Potion and 2 x Invis Potions, as well as some cash.


Follow map through the Cartways. Add possible elements, e.g. roaming gang of Barghest Leader, Vralgor Szarn or even an encounter with Radu Underhill. Eventually get to remote section of Cartways, currently held by Derro Scouts See p48 and MAKE Rough Map Fight with the Derro and decide what to do with the girl hostage, Norah Jones then get across the chasm.

Chasm is 60’ deep and 35’ wide, requiring DC25 climb checks. DC18 Perception check will find crevice wide enough for medium creatures, that will allow access. Must be single file and within this crevice are three Giant Whiptail Centipedes. Max size: Med Creature in Med Armor – See Below GET MONSTER STATS from PFSRD (Treasure includes Dagger + 1, Arrows + 1 and Ring of Invisibility.

Lord Greymark’s Vault

Print off Vault Map p50 Crevice Max Size Med person in Med Armor. To enable heavy armor, party needs to inflict 25 hp against the wall. This will be loud without a Silence spell. d20 + 8 v DC17 Perception check for Clockwork Watchmen to hear. See Midgard Bestiary p27 If party is heard, 3 watchmen will wait in ambush. If not, should be encountered separately in Cavern V1 and corridor V2 (Four more Watchmen at Double Iron Doors to V3). NB: Special attack: Net Cannon (4 per watchmen) and 3d6 explosion on destruction DC15 Ref SAV for half.

Dead Derro DC10 Heal check to see it was killed by slash wounds – not centipede bites.

Double Iron Doors 2 inch thick DC28 Disable Device, Break DC28 Hardness 10 HP60 – 4 Clockwork Watchmen guards – Greymark Coat of Arms on each door. Room V3: 20’ x 20’ x 20’ Fake Secret Door on East Wall DC25 Perception, keyhole in woman’s right eye, DC25 Disable Device THEN DC20 Perception to Detect Trap and DC20 Disable Device to disable it. Mechanical Pit TRAP on 10’ x 20’ section of floor covering EAST HALF of room. Drop 20’ into two Gelatinous Cubes HP50 – DC20 Reflex to avoid falling in. (No reflex grab available to those on wall side – nothing to grab!)
REAL DOOR is on North Wall behind Paintings. DC25 Perception DC25 Disable Device.

Room V4 is a Fake Art Gallery Room. Read description on p50. Fake The Fish and The Rose has Magic Aura cast on it so it appears magical. DC30 Appraise to identify as fakes. Otherwise paintings would appear to be worth at least 500 GP each (Actually worth about 100 GP each) Fake Fish and Rose is on a stand that is trapped. DC20 Disable Device to remove the Trap. Electricity Arc 4d6 electrical arc on multiple targets in a straight line within 30’
Double Doors to the North ROOM V5 are not trapped or locked.

Secret Bedroom V5 has bed, fine cloths (150 GP) and a rare book (200 GP) as well as three secret doors.
V6 needs DC30 Perception with DC28 Disable Device and is not trapped. Inside is the REAL Painting on a stand with a more powerful Electricity Arc trap DC25 Perception DC20 Disable Device 6d6 Electricity DC20 Reflex to save for half dmg, multiple targets in straight line 30’.

Secret Vault V7 has a superior lock and is VERY HARD to see. Perception DC40 but use DIVINE WARNING to let party know it will be certain death to enter. Knowledge of the room’s existence is POWER enough.

Secret Door V8 goes into the basement of Lord Greymark’s mansion. DC40 perception. Audible Alarm guards door from other side. As soon as it is opened, scream, Several STRONGARMS move in, bells in other parts of the building, shouting. PC’s should feel it is best to flee at this point. SoZ p28 for STRONGARM Stats.

Concluding The Adventure

Get painting to Ziv. He gives them 5,000 GP and promises there can be more work to come in the future. Painting is worth 5,600 GP (although only 2,800 resale value) but should the PCs wish to keep it, they had better have somewhere safe. Other gangs will be wanting it, and Syssysalai will also send assassins after the group.


Possible extra treasure in rooms of Scaler’s Alley (Yet to be determined)
Potions of CLW on some Goblin Slingers
15 GP each on each Goblin Slinger
Leather Armour + 1, Short Sword + 1 Buckler + 1, 180 GP, Alchemist Fire, Acid Flasks – Slinger Captain
Morningstar + 2, Potions: CmodW and Invis, mwk banded mail – Scaler
Light crossbows, shortswords, – Derro
Dagger + 1, 3 x Arrow + 1, 135 GP gems, Ring of Invisibility – Centipede Passage
Fake Paintings: approx 100 GP each – Fake Gallery V4
Erotic Tales of Zobeck Resale Value 200 GP, Fine Linen/cloth – 150 GP – Secret Bedroom V5
The Fish and The Rose painting – 2,800 GP resale (5,000 if given to Siv) – Gallery V6
5,000 payment from Siv the Sly

Experience Points

Goblin Slingers 2,400 XP
Goblin Slinger Captain 1,600 XP
Monitor Lizards 1,200 XP
More Goblin Slingers 1,600 XP
Scaler 9.600 XP
Derro Scouts 1,600 XP
Derro Madcaster 1,600 XP
Pit Trap 1,000 XP
Electricity Arc Trap 1,000 XP
Clockwork Watchmen 5,600 XP
Gelatinous Pit Trap 1,600 XP
Electricity Arc Trap 1,000 XP
Electricity Arc Trap 1,600 XP

MAX XP: 28,200 (TOTAL) Div by 6 = 4,700 XP Max

Will take characters into about 25% progress into LEVEL 5

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The Fish and The Rose

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