The Dancing Bear


The dockworkers and Bargement all drink here, and it’s a rough place; they even serve kobold gangs, though not with any good cheer. Brawls, gambling, and whoring are part of the expected entertainment in the common room and the bunks upstairs, but the regulars keep everyone from getting too far out of hand, mostly for their own good.

For all its lively distractions, however, the whole place comes alive when Masha the dancing bear performs. she dances, bows, counts and knows a dozen other tricks. Her favourites get a big bearish kiss.

The dancing bear is also the inn’s bouncer. When she growls, all but the most drunken patrons remember to take their buisness out into the courtyard. For a dockside place, the Dancing Bear loses remarkably few tables and chairs. On the other hand, it runs up hugs bills for mead and honey, and Masha is a hopeless scrounger for treats and attention.

Celia Black is a regular patron in this bar and town guard, Deslan Cooke keeps a close watch on the place, but rarely enters.

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The Dancing Bear

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