The Cockle and Clam


The Cockle and Clam is one of three bars in the Triolan Quarter catering mainly for the soft skinned races. It is owned by two veteran Sea Captains of Kyprion, the minotaur Eduardo Vasili and his dragonkin companion Heraxus Gallipoli. They are both business partners and life partners and anybody who has any negative views on this subject usually keeps quiet as they are both quick to anger and take no nonsense from any of their clients. Dragonkin and Minotaur bouncers are quick to throw any trouble makers out by the collar, with a good brusing to boot.

The bar is situated on the Boulevard of Winds and the food and drink in this establishment is of better quality than the others in the Triolan Quarter, probably due to the preferential rates available to the dragonkin joint ownership. Most of the serving staff are kobolds. These are haughty little elitist creatures who, nonetheless, have a favourable attitude towards Jambuka and tend to be the cream of the crop as far as waiters, barservers and chambersquires go. The Consierge is an arrogant little kobold named Krispy Dacon, although it is whispered that he may also have ties to the secret Kobold Gang, The Cold Diggers Union.

All races are welcome in this bar, although it would be rare to find anyone above the rank of Sekban, even although Gallipoli himself is a noted swordmaster, ranking as Edjet. This is the one bar in the Triolan Quarter where local Kobaldi of the liberal persuasion would actually “enter” the ghetto, the building being situated on the very edge of the Quarter, along the the Boulevard of Winds. The place is abuzz with merchants, seafarers, travellers, dockworkers and even local city dwellers.

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The Cockle and Clam

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