On the Westernmost edge of the Empire, just south of the White Mountain Marches is the newest Mharoti province of Rumela, governed by a newly elevated Morza, the adult female fire dragon, Glauvistus the Scourge, and formed just a few years ago by the conquering of the ancient duchy of Illyria.

The humans of the region are now tyranically oppressed by brigades of dragonkin rogues and kobold drake riders that patrol the countryside, overseeing the building of new pastures and farms. Many people managed to flee to neighbouring Triolo, Trombei and Kyprion, but the Silver Duchess was captured and is now held, publically chained to the gates of the palace for all to see, her obvious humiliation, a potent symbol of the spirit of the once great Duchy of Illyria.

Glauvistus herself was personally annointed by the Dread Sultan Ozmir Al-Stragul and with the help of evil copper dragon, Zrandres, once a prisoner of the the Illyrian Duchess, she has powerful inside knowledge of he realm to be able to enforce the harshest of regimes.

High ranking Akinji and Timarli dragonkin occupy the estates of the deposed nobles, forcing the four major famlies to collaborate with them in return for fealty and some small freedoms. Shrines to MAVROS-PERUN have been torn down and the Temple of Victory has been rededicated to AZURAN.

Drake’s Perch: High in the mountains bordering the lands of the Seven Cities to the north, is a high castle once guarded by the legendary Sky Riders but now ruled over by the bronze dragon Hakanazal with his great force of wyvernriders, keeping vital watch on the mountain pass from Triolo.

Griffoncrags: Once an Illyrian stronghold, the place is now swarming with kobold troops.

Kruja: This small bustling city is now a hastily constructed maze of barracks, forges and supply depots at the mouth of the River Drisalon, focusing on the mountain passes between Rumela and Triolo.

Marauder’s Point: Above wave-wracked cliffs, a crumbling wreck of a tower stands on the very end of this slip of land. A Hidden band of spies uses the ruins, and the caves beneath, to spy on Tirolan ship movements.

Winewood: This heavily forested area has yet been largely untouched by the Mharoti invasion and it is said that deep within the wood may yet lie small pockets of Ilyrian resistance.

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