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Commissioned artwork for “ARCAEL AND THE OOOZE” by artist Mike Mumah

Post Pandemic Update 2022

Revised Intentions of Direction for Mysteria campaign in the Mharoti Empire


The intention is to end the Campaign for Arcael and The Oooze with a last BIG adventure outside the City of Harkesh. I do not propose to start this until 2024 sometime.

In the meantime, I will continue to update short HARKESH adventures for the currently FIRST LEVEL Teenage Rampage characters. Any Honour Points awarded to these characters will be gifted to The Oooze characters, e.g. Arcael, Saabu Theet, Goran, Xavier and Karn Gudin. (N.B: Honour Points are awarded for activity on the OP Site itself – see Experience).

The Teenage Rampage adventures are likely to all take place in Harkesh, and will be short Dungeons to fit in between other campaigns or when another GM needs a break. I intend to be able to progress these characters to about Level 5 before embarking on the Grand Finale for the High Level Characters.

After that, we shall see….

Campaign Progress:

Campaign start: Year One: Early Summer – establish group and home
Mid Summer: Everyone Lies and Hollow
Late Summer: To The Edge of The World – Major lineup change.
Early Autumn: The Honey Queen
Mid Autumn: Rust
Arcael and Truman Click leave Schmidt Happens to form Arcael and The Oooze.
Yuletide Adventure: Mayhem Behind Demon Mountain
Late winter: Challenge of The Fang
Still Late Winter: The Fish and The Rose
Travel to Nuria Natal in the spring! Adventuring through spring and summer.
Oasis of the Blood Moon, Bottled Desire, The Sand Pirates and The Lost Library of Thoth
Two adventures to follow in the winter and spring to take characters to Level Eight:
The Gravebinder’s Daughter
The Tomb of the Elephant God
… then two more in 2017 to take them up to Level Ten:
Early summer – a month after ELEPHANT GOD:
Then Leave Southlands and head back to Zobeck in the late summer (YEAR THREE), having spent just over 18 months in Siwal.

Nine years to be spent in and around Zobeck in a NON ADVENTURING capacity before MYSTERIA activated again.

Back in Zobeck – Nine Years of Non Adventuring:


New campaign starts in the spring. Journey to the Golden City
For second campaign adventure but first adventure in Harkesh, see Arrival!
Guardians of Dragonfall will take place sometime in 2024.
Teenage Rampage Low Level Adventure – see Harkesh MINI 2022!
Teenage Rampage Low Level Adventure see Harkesh MINI Adventure 2
Teenage Rampage Low Level Adventure see Harkesh MINI Adventure 3

Current Band Members – Teenage Rampage

Gordon – Gangwulf – Human Cleric, perform skill Singer and Orator – Deity: Lada, STATUS: Not yet established.
Lewis – Squeek Squaker – Kobold Bard (Dragon Yelper), – Deity: All de big dragguns, STATUS: Not yet established
Graeme – Spinwind – Human Conjuror (Teleportation) – Deity: Rava), STATUS: Not yet established.
Nick – Sni Ve-lor – Human Slayer (Sniper) – Deity: Thoth-Hermes, STATUS: Not yet established.
Matt – Jack of Badside Row – Human Fighter – Deity: Mavros-Perun, STATUS: Not yet established.

Main Event Players – Arcael and The Oooze

Gordon – Arcael – Human Sorcerer, perform skill Singer and Orator – Deity: Khors, STATUS: 19, Honour Point Tier 3
Lewis – Xavier – Human Barbarian, perform skill Strings – Deity: Ogun, STATUS: 7, Honour Point Tier 2
Graham – Goran – Elfmarked Rogue/Shadowsworn, perform skill Dancer – Deity: Rava (Yeah….sure….!), STATUS: 5, Honour Point Tier 2
Nick – Karn Gudin – Dragonkin Fighter/Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple, perform Percussion – Deity: Seggotan, STATUS: 5, Honour Point Tier 1
Matt – Saabu Theet – Nkosi Cleric, Perform Wind – Deity: Thoth-Hermes, STATUS: 8 Honour Point Tier 1

Halls of the Honoured Dead



Historical Writings of the Venerable Bede



Welcome to Zobeck

It is many months since Schmidt Happens started their adventures in THE CITY OF GEARS. Now, with spring approaching, Arcael and The Oooze have completed The Challenge of The Fang and have now flown by dwarven Airship to The Garden City of Siwal in the mystical land of Nuria Natal!….

Welcome to The Southlands

Since arriving in The Garden City of Siwal, the Oooze arrive as a band of MERRY MINSTRELS in challenge to the much loved Peter and The Puddings. After a series of adventures involving MAURAT, The Elephant God, and culminating in a visit to the infamous PYRAMID OF THE BLACK SANDS, the group return to Zobeck for some will earned rest. …

Welcome to Harkesh

It is nine years since Arcael and The Oooze left Siwal to return to Zobeck. After such a long period of NON ADVENTURING, the merry minstrels have been conscripted to conduct a secretive mission in the Golden City of the Dragon Empire, Harkesh



Commissioned artwork for “SCHMIDT HAPPENS” by artist Mike Mumah

Return to Siwal:

Welcome Back!
Live at the Blue Water Inn

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