To the south of Harkesh and situated on vital trade routes to the east and west is the province closest to Nuria Natal, guarded by legions of living and dead, and ruled by the oldest of all dragons, the undead gargantuan great wyrm gold dragon, Ibbalan the Illustrious. From his capital at Irkaly, he directs policy through envoys, holding audiences where criminals, war prisoners and seditionists are executed to satisfy his immortal soul-fire.

The lands of Mezar are predominantly hot, dry and mountainous and its great walled coastal cities are all hubs of trade for the jewels mined in the interior. Some of the finest diamonds in the world are to be found in the deep Dragoncoil of this provinces’ inner valleys. Timarli Lich Lords and Ancient Tor Drakes rule the Dragoncoil valleys under the dread personage of Ibbalan, inflicting harsh penalties on all their subjects. Undead Kobold hordes slave under their masters or wander aimlessly through the mountains and valley, searching out pockets of Jambuka to attack and devour.

The coastal cities themselves are a little more civilised, and holders of Trade Permits can actually flourish in these places, as the Decrees of the Dread Sultan are adhered to almost as much as in Harkesh.

Ikarly: Home to the Great Souk, where Sarklandi carpets and Khandiri spices are sold to Nurian and Capleoni traders, is the home of Ibbalann the Illustrious, the host of great garrisons and the Elemental Academy, a training ground for the Timarli and Edjet wizards of the dragonkin.

Dao-Klarjeti: on the northern coast of the Ruby Sea is difficult to reach by land but guards against Despotate raiders and contributes many ships full of paladins and divine warriors to the Dread Sultan’s war efforts.

Efisis: This city of leisure and culture is beloved by drakes for its fine updrafts and views over the sea and is surrounded by the power of a wild and titanic leyline that lies forever OPEN and unpredictable. The city also houses the ruins of an enormous necropolis, its fine vaults and monuments now empty from when its inhabitant were raised and sent to war in Nuria Natal over fifty years ago.

Prezhan: This harbour city is the Empire’s most southerly naval base and was once an important Minotaur town before it was conquered over 200 years ago. Labyrinthine tunnels sitll exist under the city but are controlled by dark Edjeti and Kobaldi Ghouls. In the harbour itself stands the great lighthouse of Sea Sage Storros, maintained by the priests of BAAL and visited once a year by Storros himself during a week-long “Festival of Shells”.

Mezar: This is an old provincial capital and ancient trading city with Nuria Natal. It is also surrounded by the power of the great Wild Leyline that surrounds Efisis, but this is strangely mixed with the power of the sea. Great storms batter its ancient walls in the winter but in the summer it can be quite alluring and the slopes around it are blessed with producing some of the finest wines known in all Midgard.

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