Mayhem Behind Demon Mountain

2. Mayhem beneath Demon Mountain


Intro to Zobeck – MAPs: World, Region, City – CHARACTER CUE CARDS – Introduce ALEXEI SPLITLEAF.

Get Printed Pics: Maps, Character Pics, Alexei, COPY DONJON MAP from P8 and WINE CELLAR MAP from p11.

PERFORM (Wheatsheaf Tavern) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 17 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from Captain Hendryk. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one!!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:
No Change to Status Points.


Party to sneak into a party at Demon Mountain posing a merchants, using Korsav’s credentials. Find special wine and taint it with ichor before it is used at the banquet. This is to discredit Ulfer Frazo.


Alexei has given the characters some powerful magic and is willing to sponsor them, using this adventure as a test. He is interested in knowing the words and tunes of the songs a court in Demon Mountain, as he has a visit arranged there in the following months. Any other noteworthy observations will be rewarded. ALSO, Ulfer Frazo is notoriously evil and bombastic – easily hated by the common citizenry of Zobeck and well worthy of embarrassing.


Money Paid

No money paid up front but a promise of 250 GP if successful.

Back Story

The merchant Korsav has had his prize bottle of wine stolen by Ulfer Frazo who wishes to boastfully declare himself top wine merchant of the land by presenting it at a DEMON MOUNTAIN banquet. Korsav, with the help of Arcael and The Oooze and his once loyal servant, the kobold kitchen servant, Vyoda , wishes to discredit the son of the Lord of Demon Mountain and embarrass him in front of his friends and family as revenge.


Travel will be by boat down the River Argent, paid by Alexei Splitleaf and taking 4 days. From the port at THE WHITE CITADEL, the ride across the Rothenian Planes to Devil Mountain should take about 10 days. This journey should be safe as it will be part of a large caravan. No encounters till the gate. For Arcael, there is a weak leyline running down the length of the river. (Locked: Lingering Spell). There are also several STRONG LEY LINES converging on DEMON MOUNTIAN. The party will come across one between Orkasa and the Mountain: LOCKED – Empower Spell. (50% increase in spell ability)
Activate Leyline if able: Lev Chk (CL+Mod or UMD v DC=10 + Lev of Spell being cast) Nat 1 is BURNOUT. [color:red}MCS p21

Scuffle at the Gate

Possible WEAPONLESS fight with Gnomes CR2 (cleric) and 2 x CR1 (Caravanners). If fight is avoided, this can be restarted later when players regain weapons.

Into the Feast and Down to the Dungeons

See RANDOM REVELRY TABLE on p5. Rent a tent. PAVILLIONS OF PERVERSITY on p6. Need to find the kobold Vyoda. Will get info on Vyoda from the KITCHENMAIDS AND QUARTERMASTERS. The kitchenmaid Lyssa is being threatened by drunken thugs. Fight (using improvised weapons) with Sorcerer Carolious CR4 and two thugs Marcus and Velden CR2 each. See p7. She informs of weapons whereabouts and suggests bribing minotaur quartermaster.

Into the Dungeon. Meet guards – bluff, bribe or fight! Quartermaster is unusually LARGE Minotaur CR4 Priest Drovang runs a secret chapel to Dark Gods Perception DC18 and Knowledge Religion DC20 to notice. FIGHT with Drovang CR5 Meet Vyoda, who knows secret passage to wine cellar. Into the Dungeon: Otyugh Zombie CR4, Kobold Grave: Haunt CR6, Rot Grubs CR3 and Schir CR4

Find bottle of wine in cellars. Find Ulfer’s tracks Perception DC16, Find bottle Perception DC22, locked trap door Disable Device DC30 and BARRED! Spoil wine and leave. Brooch of Shielding from Vyoda if characters pay their respects to him. Extra reward from Korsav if mission is successful.


Poison, Unholy Water, masterwork chain shirt (Gnomes at entrance)
Potion of Healing, dust of disappearance, Cloak of Resistance + 1, Alchemy Kit, 150 GP (Carolious)
Mwk chainmail (2), potion of healing (2), 60 GP (Marus and Velden)
Jewellery 75GP (Solicitor’s drawer)
Wand of CLW (10 Ch), + 1 Chainshirt, Mwk Flail, Cloak of Resistance + 1 (Drovang)
Dagger + 1, 17GP (Otyugh Zombie)
Brooch of Shielding 31HP (Vyoda)
250 GP each, Mwk Longsword, Potion of heroism, Potion of CCritW (Korsav)

Experience Points

Gnomes at entrance 1400 XP
Carolious, Marus, Velden 2400 XP
Quartermaster 1200 XP
Drovang 1600 XP
Otyugh Zombie 1200 XP
Rot Grubs 2400 XP
Schir 1200 XP

MAX XP: 2,500 (Reach Lev 4)

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Mayhem Behind Demon Mountain

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