Marea and the Islands


To the west of Harkesh lie the lands of Marea and its many islands in the Middle Sea. In stark contrast to the Capital, the human population in this area near to the Seven Kingdoms by far outnumbers the dragonkin population, and there are churches to RAVA, NETHUS, CHARUN, KHORS and CERES. There is even a temple of BOREAS, permitted because the ruling Morza in this area is the only one who originated from outside of the Dragoncoil Mountains.

Yiraz Azah the Cloud Chaser is gargantuan female old silver dragon from the North that visited her previous host over 120 years ago and began to preach peace and propserity. When the other Morza had her host killed, she surprised them all by claiming his title, and stayed in the province.

The recent wars with Kyprion and Triolo have exacted a heavy toll on her military force, with a whole legion being destroyed, so she is currently consolidating her lands and is not as supportive of the Dread Sultan as he would like. The temples to Azuran are often empty in these lands, although SEGGOTAN has a strong and growing following, and there is great rivalry between the priests of SEGGOTAN and NETHUS, with those of SEGGOTAN claiming the temples and many of the the old priests of NETHUS operating in exile or from smaller shrines around the harbour cities. It is believed that many of these priests are trying to promote a rebellion, and they are closely watched by the authorities.

For all its draconic rulership, life for the Jambuka is a little more tolerable in Marea than it is elsewhere in the Empire, although the caste hierachy does still apply. However, the major language spoken by the people is Common rather than Draconic and it is easy to find sympethisers with the Seven Cities among its populace. Major cities include:

Achillon: The oldest of the great Marean ports, full of merchants and architects, and known for its sculptors and clever accountants, this is a city blessed by RAVA and one of the few places in the Empire where gearforged live in some numbers.

Methony: A small circular fortress on the mainland, this city is a key point of the Mharoti defences against Triolan corsairs and is governed by Dragonborn Elementalist Sorcerer Serhat Baalat.

Mistras Marea: to the north of Methony, is a mountainous city well known for its production of fine silks.

Erkalion: is a largely human island city and main home to the priests of NETHUS, and its output
largely devoted to fishery.

Rados: is another largely human island city, with strong fortified walls, good harbour, and a natural well. Because of these facts, it is also an important naval outpost and has been proven to withstand sieges for long periods of time. It is currently an important source of olive oil from the many trees that grow on its gentle slopes.

Tyrku: is the capital and main trade town of Marea, providing direct links to Zaldiri to the North East and to Harkesh in the South East. The mainlands around it produce olives, fruit and livestock, particularly the much sought after red and white coated Tyrku Oxen known for their great strength and endurance. Life for Jambuka is a little less easy than in the rest of Marea, due to the local ruler, Pembejonka (young adult copper dragon), being intensely concentrated on high levels of production and delivery, while believing all Jambuka to be intrinsically lazy and ignorant.

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Marea and the Islands

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