To the East and slightly to the North of Harkesh is the great rural province of Kalpostan, home of the Mighty Mharot. There are many true dragons and drakes that live in this land folded into the the Dragoncoil mountains. The dry earth consists mainly of villages and has only three cities:

Cogelu, City of Thunders: Once a huge metropolis, it fell out of favour with Mharot the Founder one night, and the capital was moved to Harkesh. There remain some ritual centres, but it is largely diminished and inhabited by the sorry and the sick.

Kaa’Nesh, City of Ogres: There are more than 10,000 ogres within the walls of this city and it is the very heartland of all the ogres and giants who swear fealty to the dragons, as well as the stronghold of the Blood Mages of he Empire. Here also dwells the Grand Baskahya, Firespeaker of Mharot, Enver Demir Al-Kaa’Nesh, a man who spent many years under the influence of the baleful lotus magic of the poppies of Yallomena, which grant him the ability to see what dragons dream. He speaks for Mharot at times when the Great Morza declines to present himself.

Kalpostan, City of Dragons: Built entirely for the convenience of dragons, no Jambuka are permitted in this city apart from those that are sacrifices to BAAL. Somewhere in the city is the jewel-encrusted entrance to the First Vault of Mharot, where the Founder’s favourite treasures are stored and warded. Reports of this place are necessarily sketchy.

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