Journey to the Golden City

Journey to the Golden City Shortnotes

To be continued one month after Nine Years of Non Adventuring.


1. Shadow Road:

Travel to Capleon by Shadow Road. (Teleport would take 3 days due to Ley Lines, and Arcael can only take three others – 1 willing person x 3 Levs). The Shadow Road should take 1d8 days but the Sluagh guide says he can do it in two days!

Get Shadow Fey Guide: Sluagh “Knuckeltooth” is the Fey Guide that can take party through the Shadow Road to Capleon. They can find out about him through the Arcane Collegium or through Goran’s contacts with The Redcloaks. (See Courts of the Shadow Fey p23)

Guide will be the sluagh, Knuckletooth – use “Dragged Woman” stats in Zobeck Gazetteer p77.
(A sluagh is the fey spirit of an unclaimed soul)

Shadow Demons are common threats throughout the roads. Even successful routes with guides will have at least one encounter per day.
Light based attacks (e.g. lightning bolt, searing ray, etc.) do only half dmg to target and half to the attacker – the Shadow Road defends itself.
ENCOUNTER ONE: Moebius Strip – Courts of the Shadow Fey p27-30
Thuvis Cloudshadow, Darkstone Sculptor, 3 x Shadowrock Pounders.
Use 30’ Moebius Strip (60’ to get back to point on same plane) – Map out two strips of 30’ on grid
The Sluagh should soon be able to identify the Moebius Strip – he can move freely through the plane from one side to the other. Other characters will need to use teleport/dimension door to pass through or run around the strip 30’ to get to the other side.
N.B: Note special effects on spells, etc.
Read p27 “Running the Moebius Strip!”
Get MONSTER STATS! from p27 – 30 See Midgard/ Dragon Empire Campaign/ Monster Stats

2. Sea Travel:

Get the Ship Map from Gordon
16 day ocean travel where after 5 days, crew and passengers start disappearing.
Set up 5 NPCs for the characters to befriend in the first five days. One of these will disappear after DAY FIVE.
Culprits are Sahuagin and Phase Vamprie. The Sahuagin are following the ship and climbing aboard at night to take a victim to feed their pet sharks. Once they have been dealt with the people continue to disappear (one per night). This is the Phase Vampire. Coffin stowed away on the ship within the ethereal plan. Check out rules for ethereal travel. Also use Phase Spider notes for ideas.
Vampire will use Ethereal to make attacks but its actual nest will be in a linked extra dimensional place – similar to “Rope Trick” – may have to travel through ethereal plane to find it – and could be a guardian to contend with before reaching vampire itself.
Make sure of ethereal travel ability Must be a way to KILL vampire. Good Treasure.

3. The Ghetto

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Journey from Zobeck to Harkesh

Zobeck to Capleon by Shadow Road 4 days (1d8) 20 days horse, 30 days foot MWB p41
Capleon to Harkesh by ship 16 days MWB p35
Detention in New Foreigners’ Ghetto
Triolan Quarter Intro


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Journey to the Golden City

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