Isle of Kyprion


The Serene Isle of Kyprion is symbolised by a great double headed golden axe on a blue field and is situated in the sea near the warring nations of The Seven Cities. Since the destruction of Kadralhu and Roshgazzi by the Mharoti Empire, the island is now the main home of the minotaurs and is bound in subjugated alliance to the powerful port city of Triola.

The island is ruled by Queen Kitane of the Labyrinth who dwells in the main city of Vespras, famous for its so called “Courtyard Dances” which are actually gladitorial combats, usually between monsters and minotaurs, but where many a prisoner of war is sacrificed, regardless of race.

The Queen is heavily influenced by the bardess Ambassador Zaneta of Triola, who resides in the city and heavily bends The Royal Ear in all matters political and economic. Bardic influence in the island is strong, as is the love for seafaring and the hatred of the Mharoti Empire and all things lizard.

Although the island population is mainly minotaur, there are many humans and even a pretty high number of Gearforged due to the reverance of Rava on the island. Other Gods worshipped include Mavros, Ceres and Hecate. The sea is very important to the Kyprions and many noteworthy sailors live on the island where trade is largely dominated by sailcloth, rope, flax, linen, olive oil, olives and cotton.

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Isle of Kyprion

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