To the East of the great Sarklan Desert of Nuria Natal is the Corsair Coast, in which the ancient kingdom of Ishadia stands against the Mharoti Empire to its north. For years it has fought against the Empire, and many of its lands have been slowly engulfed by the Empire’s expansion, but it is a land with a strong noble bloodline with the blood of the Old Gods still flowing thick through the veins of much of the Ishadi nobility, and with fairly recent victories against the Empire in The Battle of Wheeling Angels where Ishadia, fighting together with Khandiria in the East, overcame the dragon hordes and managed to wipe out an entire dragon division, the Kingdom has a new-found strength and the Empire, with its bloody nose still smarting, has turned its raids more to the West, leaving Ishadia to once again strengthen its reserves.

Ruled by the aasimar warrior General-Regent Atred Mardhu and the Council of Commanders, including the 20th level aasimar wizard, Commander of the First Gate, Ninshuel the Ancient, the country may not be as noble as it once was, and one will often find pirates standing together with Paladins in the proud armies of this strategic land, but it remains a powerful check against Mharoti Empire expansion.

The capital, Madras Adamat, has been blackened by drake fire and greyed with age, but still stands strong against the Mharoti Empire as one of the Four Gates of Ashadon, a line of ancient strongholds that have been withstanding the might of the Dragon Empire for years.

The walls of the city are draped with the carcasses of dragons in open defiance of the empire, while in the other cities of Khazephon and Shuruppak, the proud people celebrate their freedom from the Empire and look forward to more prosperous times.

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