Introduction to the Southlands Campaign


A banquet at The Dented Shield

Even before embarking on their excursion into the dark underbelly of ZOBECK in search of a treasured piece of art, members of that musical phenomenon known as Arcael and The Oooze had noticed several strange Southerners in the Free City following the arrival of a TEMPLEFORGE Airship on a special envoy from Nuria Natal. One of these people even made contact, introducing himself as Saabu Theet.

At the time, Arcael had found that Alexei Splitleaf of Allain was unavailable and that even Able Servant tad-familiar seemed to be “unusually busy”. In the weeks after the acquisition of The Fish and The Rose forgery, the group began to notice a bit of a bustle around the offices of their sponsor. Eventually, Tad Familiar invited them to a special dinner at The Dented Shield Hotel, hosted by Alexei Splitleaf himself.

“Great Minstrels of Zobeck,” Splitleaf proclaimed, "We Free Citizens of Zobeck salute you! Not only have you brought us back art and tales from DEMON MOUNTAIN and The Old Margreve but you have also inspired us with your innovative sounds! Now it is time for you to move south and inspire the great people of Nuria Natal. Allow me to introduce to you, the Trade Ambassador of Siwal, most noble gentleman, Abdul Bashir."

After meeting with the ambassador and the other dignitaries, you are told that you will be travelling by commandeered AIRSHIP in the first days of Spring to travel to the Desert City of SIWAL, where you will be ambassadors for Alexei Splitleaf under the sponsorship of Ramon Marakesh. You will have two or three weeks to finalise any business you might have. Splitleaf will hold your lodgings in safe keeping for as long as you are away from Zobeck.

Before you leave Zobeck, there may be some special quests from Splitleaf, but they are not discussed at this meeting.

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Introduction to the Southlands Campaign

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