In all the lands of Midgard are the variations of the races of the South most vivid. Spread throughout such a vast continent, there are some groups almost totally unknown to the people of the Northlands.




As with the Northlands, the majority of sentient beings are humans, although there are a lot fewer Elfmarked people, due mainly to the more limited influence the Elves had on this continent. The main cultural or language groups are as follows: -
Annites: With a bloodline reaching back to Ankeshel as well as to ancient desert people, these fair skinned people consist of either the Tamasheq or the Qamari and can be found predominantly in the northern sector of the continent. They tended to be affiliated with the minotaurs who came from over the sea.
Kushites: A dark skinned people, hailing mainly from the deep jungles to the south. They are similar to the Nurians in appearance but language and cultures are different.
Nurians: Also of ebony hue, these are the main group of humans in the north of the continent and their lords and nobility are the rulers of Nuria Natal.
Tethyans: These people mainly inhabit the islands in the Tethys Ocean to the south east. They have khaki coloured skins and are known as great traders.
Zwana: These are a tall and very dark skinned people hailing from the edges of the Abandoned Lands of Narumbeki, Terrotu and Omphaya.


The Dwarves of the Southlands are a skilled race of engineers and craftsmen. They tend to be less warlike than the Reaver Dwarves to the north, but are just as devoted to their work.


Gnolls are found in some number throughout the Southlands, particularly in Dabue, where various loosely organised gnoll packs dominate the landscape. They respect only strength and believe that work should be done by the weak. They are mostly unfriendly toward other races and yet there tend to be small communities in most of the cities of Nuria Natal. See SCS p19 for Stats


These are a plant-like people who have two cycles of life – a seedling stage, during which a single parent produces a vine-like seedling, and an adult stage, where the seedling separates from the host and rapidly grows into its humanoid form. Only as an adult can the kijani speak and use higher reasoning. They stay mainly in the Zobanu Jungle to the South and are quite uncommon in Nuria Natal. See SCS p20 for Stats

Nkosi (Werelions)

These people are natural shapechangers but although they are considered as monstrous humanoids and can deliver a bite attack, they do not carry disease, like the lycanthropes. Their hunter’s form is a feline one in the shape of the Zwana Lion. Their bloodline is said to have developed from the Divine Spark of the Titan, Gamka, and even in human form, they tend to have cat’s eyes, teeth and fur. They live in prides and raise their children in groups, mainly in and around the Omphayan Plains to the South and they are again uncommon in Nuria Natal. See SCS p22 for Stats


These are an insectoid people known across the Southlands as viscious raiders that seek to overrun all civilization with their sculpted mud hives. However, occasionally a tosculi is born who does not hear the song of the Golden Swarm and who does not wish to live the life of the hive, and it is these lone individuals that are the ones adventurers in Nuria Natal are most likely to meet. They are wasplike with hard carapaces, small viscious claws and vestigial wings that afford them a natural feather fall ability. They are extremely uncommon in the land of Nuria Natal and are generally not shown much kindness in those lands. See SCS p24 for Stats


Most trollkin are hulking creatures with long limbs and stocky bodies, originating from many immortal or monstrous races that have, over the years, cross-bred with humans. They are tribal creatures who live on the outskirts of remote human settlements and tend to be strong and tough. They are more predominant in the southern part of the continent. See SCS p25 for Stats

Other Races

Rarer races that are sometimes found in the Southlands include Fey-kin, Eloko-kin, Adze-kin, Aasimars, Heru, Jinnborn, Lizard-folk, Minotaurs, Ramag and Tieflings.


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