House Rules

Character Generation

Abilities: 25 pt Build as per Pathfinder Rules (Epic Hero)
Race: Dwarf, Human, Minotaur, Dragonkin, Kobold, Gearforged or Half-Elf (Elf-Marked). No Elves, Gnomes or Halflings!
Half Elves must take free Elf-Marked feat, Humans can take Elf-Marked feat as extra Human Feat at Lev 1.
Class: Any Pathfinder Class.
Traits: Choose 2 traits: 1 Midgard Trait PLUS ANY Pathfinder Trait. MCS p35
Region: All characters start in Zobeck! Either:
A) Born and lived life in Zobeck- free class skill Knowledge Local (Crossroads) OR
B) Born elsewhere but lived last 10 years in Zobeck. – class skill Knowledge Local
(Crossroads.) – SPEND 1 RANK.
House: All characters bards by profession, collectors of “Mysteria”
Choose one FREE Bard Cantrip.
Choose one FREE Class Skill Perform (Percussion, Wind, String or Sing).


In Midgard, prestige or status is a matter of importance. This attribute is generated at character creation like ability scores, but can fluctuate considerably more than other scores. See MCS p25

The STATUS ATTRIBUTE starts at 4 when using the point-buy system. Characters add their Charisma Modifier to their starting status. Status increases by special actions. See MCS p131 and p212

Status determines which player most NPCs will defer to. The player with the highest status ranking is the best-known and most respected PC of the party and all NPCs will address that person as the default party leader.

Race and Class Adjustments
Race Status Class Status
Dwarf +1 Alchemist -2
Human 0 Barbarian -1
Minotaur +1 Cavalier/Fighter +1
Dragonkin -2 Cleric +1
Kobold -1 Oracle +1
Gearforged -1 Paladin/Ranger +1
Half Elf +1 Rogue -2
Elf +2 Sorcerer -1
Goblin -2 Wizard +1

War Status

In some places, particularly in the region of THE SEVEN CITIES, which is continually war-torn, status is further defined and changed by factors directly linked to one’s actvities during battle. See MCS p131 Some of these modifications are listed in the table below.

Status During War
Action Status
Captain of a Free Company +2
Lieutenant of a Free Company +1
Member of a Free Company +1
Hostage for Ransom +2
General in large formal battle +4
Commander, small formal battle +2
Great Raid +3
Leader of Siege +4
Small Raid +1
Storm/defend Castle Walls successfully +2
Pillage City +3
Sink/capture Ship +3
Take 10 or more prisoners in battle +1

Reputational Status

In THE NORTH, Honour and Reputation mean everything. Status is more important here than anywhere else.
Regular meetings called THINGS are held throughout where feuds can be ended (or started).
Justice, Feuds and Wergilds (fines paid by offender to victim or family)
Holmganga, a form of duelling, can be called upon if things cannot otherwise be resolved.
If things cannot be settled through Holmganga, then whole families, tribes can take to Feud.
Feasting and Hospitality are very strong traits in almost all Northern Kingdoms and the unwritten Code of Hospitality is usually strictly adhered to. See MCS p209 – p213
Modifications to Status in the North are listed in the table below.

Status Modifiers in The North
Action Status
Break a Sworn Oath -2
Break the peace of the THING -4
Break Pledge of Hospitality -3
Bring plunder from reaving +1
Captain a reaving ship +2
Coward/ nithling -4
Go reaving 0
Kill your first troll +1
Kill your first giant +1
Kill your first dragon +2
Made Outlaw -1
Use Black Magic -2
Win a duel +1

Gunpowder and Airships

Atlhough there is a section in MCS p25 about Gunpowder and Airships, these are options and in my Midgard there will be NO GUNPOWDER. Some Airships will exist, built and run by the Dwarves of the Canton of Templeforge, but these are rare and travel by airship will be difficult to book and be extremely expensive.

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House Rules

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