INTRO: Paid gig at the WHEATSHEAF and reason for travelling to Levoca. Roll 95% or above for + 1 STATUS Learn about Lecova and Bloodwood Flute

1. PERFORM Perform at WEATSHEAF for 50 GP. Seen by Sir Henry de la Zouche, Sends a man with offer possible sponsorship after one small task: Collect information on an ANCIENT RHYME sung in the village of Levoca.
2. INFO: Grigori tells of The Bloodwood Flute of Levoca He has heard that the group are going that way, has parchment detailing the Bloodwoood Flute made by reclusive Grandmaster that now lives in the village of his birth. ELRIC STRADAVARIUS

The Hook

There is rumour of a powerful musical instrument belonging to old man Elric Stradivarius and Sir Hendry de la Zouche has indicated good value for information gathering in terms of the song sung in Lecova. Both might have use and monetary value but the chance of a SPONSOR for the group is a MASSIVE driving force!


The adventure takes place in the village of Levoca, a poor church-led farming community with a population of 75. The HOLLOW MAN is a wood golem who once served a witch but now hears the voice of the SINGING TREE and serves her by taking heads of the villagers of LEVOCA to the tree, one each night. He knocks on the door at midnight to claim his victim. The party will arrive in mid afternoon and soon find out that among the simple villagers, there is grave concern. Old Olaf Yurt was killed three days ago by his prize bull. On the first night, wild wolves will attack the village and the party should notice strange behaviour even by normal farm animals e.g. pecking chickens, swooping birds, scratching cats, etc. (For familiars and animal companions, make SAV at midnight WILL DC15 or run into the forest, unable to attack their masters yet wishing to do so.)

The party should find out by the second night that the HOLLOW MAN will be taking nightly victims. If they wish to help they must formulate a plan. Fire will be an obvious weapon but normal fire will not be enough. INTENSE HEAT is needed. Look into possibility of Old Lime Kiln or Witch’s Pit. If the party destroy the HOLLOW MAN and his WOOD WARD, there will still be danger until they defeat THE SINGING TREE six miles into the forest.

With regard to the party’s quest for the Bloodwood Flute, Old man Elric Stradivarius is now senile and cannot remember any of his instrument lore, but still holds on to one fine instrument – the Bloodwood Flute. If the party save the village from the HOLLOW MAN, he will give this to them, but otherwise will hold on to it fiercely.

Once they have defeated the tree, they will be heroes in the village. Old Man STRADIVARIUS will give them his BLOODWOOD Flute and they may gain treasure from the SINGING TREE itself. On top of this, they will be taught the words and tune to ”Knock, Knock, Knock!” which will buy favour and reward from Lord Aaron von Schmidt.


Enter village, hear about Bull Gorging, notice animals, Fight off Wolfpack attack, Missing Girl and Wasp Swarm, Hollow Man comes knocking each night claiming a new vicitim, using a Wood Ward to help protect itself. Party must destroy HOLLOW MAN with INTENSE FIRE and then combat the Singing Tree inside of the forest. (P.S: Apply MARGREAVE Rules!)
Leave with some treasure, the Bloodwood Flute, the blessing of the villagers and the hope of Sponsorship by Lord Aaron von Schmidt.


5 days travel crossing river. (125 Miles) 8 days travel using bridge. (200 Miles) LEY LINES. 1 Day Encounter. 1 Night Encounter.
WEAK LEYLINE: LOCKED – Lingering Spell (LEV 0 to LEV 3: Instantaneous Area Effect Spell lasts for 1R DC=10 + Spll Lev) Leyline CL check required as free action before casting spell. Roll of “1” is BURNOUT and BACKLASH! MCS p21 Table1-4
ENCOUNTER 1: PUTRID HAUNT (At or near marshy river crossing) 600 XP PLAYER AID: PICTURE (RIVERCROSSING DC15 swim or be swept downstream 1d6 dmg and lose 1 CON for 24hrs.)
ENCOUNTER 1: MAGDAR WAGON TRAIN FROM RUNKELSTAD (Successful DIPLOMACY gains LAAGER PROTECTION for the night, good food and stories of the wars with the Mharoti Empire to the South – mainly small raids and skirmishes south of CRONEPISHT. Worhsip of Thoth-Hermes – Arcane) – Sorcerers will let party know NATURE OF THE LEYLINE. ZERO XP

ENCOUNTER 2: 2 x WITCHLIGHT (At night after crossing river) 400 XP PLAYER AID: PICTURE
These were two constructs belonging to two evil mages who died in the forest. Use Ley Lines for Blinding Flash every 1d4R. d20 +9 v DC13 to extend Blinding Flash requiring 2 Fort Saves v DC10.
Attacking Light Ray is not affected.



Party arrive late afternoon in Levoca. Unsettling Scarecrows around village made from bones and branches. Children welcome the party. Olay Yurt buried yesterday. His son, Drash Yurt tried to kill the bull but it was too wild. Yesterday Karda (young girl) did not return from collecting truffles with her beloved pig. Some animals seem a bit “ON EDGE”. Pecks, swipes and nips!
If PCs visit Elric Stradivarius they will find out he is now a senile old man clutching onto what looks like a well-made flute. Is distrustful of PCs. Brother Arkadi of the CHURCH OF YARILA AND POREVIT is senile and pretty useless, but friendly. Will arrange for PCs to stay in an empty hut.
That evening WOLVES attack – 6 animals 400 XP EACH – villages fight against them but are chaotic and dangerous, firing arrows wildly into the dark and at each other. (Shortbows d4+ 1) PCs should try and calm villagers – use bluff, diplomacy, intimidate DC15 REMEMBER DC15 WILL SAV at midnight for any ANIMAL COMPANIONS


PCs will see more evidence of wildlife madness, may choose to kill MAD BULL (600 XP) or help, may look for and find missing girl and get attacked by ANGRY BEES (800 XP): May hear the Children singing an old song:
Knock, knock, knock;
The Hollow Man calls.
Swing, swing, swing!
His greedy scythe falls!

Chop, chop, chop;
He takes another head,
Burn, burn, burn!
The Hollow Man is dead!


HOLLOW MAN ATTACKS – Kostya, Barca (fleeing), Koren’s son Torb, Chroback, PC (youngest male – TRUMAN CLICK). If party sees the HOLLOW MAN on first night, they will see it point to various four places then lastly point at PCs and make notch in its scythe. If party tries to apprehend it, it animates a WOOD WARD and steals into the forest. Forest seems to cover its tracks. Animated WOOD WARD is 400 XP
If party DO NOT see Hollow Man, will hear scream and find Kostya’s headless body.


Old Mother Molvor comes into village from DEAD NETTLE COTTAGE: She says she saw the HOLLOW MAN pass her cottage at night. She can show where it exited forest. Find freshly mangled corpse of DEAD MAGPIE.
Barca and his family leave town in a wagon, believing he is the next victim.
Meeting to discuss what to do. Send fastest runner, Kahr to go to Zobeck for help. (He can run there and back in 6 days – quicker if he has a horse) HE WILL BE KILLED BY WOLVES IF HE IS ON HIS OWN. Mother Molvor and Karl might start to formulate ideas about intense heat – either using Old Lime Kiln (Needs repair DC10 CRAFT MASONRY and a day to repair – Extra day if SKILL CHECK fails) or the Witch-Pit (3 days to remove water). Alternatively, trapping HOLLOW MAN in hut might be an option but this only creates 1d6 burning damage per hour and the HOLLOW MAN can easily break out of the huts.


News reaches village of HOLLOW MAN killing of Barca on the road. Villagers more worried now. Trying to formulate plans. Korb to be attacked tonight.


Chroback to be attacked.


TRUMAN CLICK TO BE ATTACKED TONIGHT. (Youngest of party members)
Following the track to THE SINGING TREE is difficult Perception DC25 to move 1/12 of normal speed. Be aware of Forest Powers – e.g. Blood Spilled, Magic Siphoning, etc.
The Singing Tree needs 13 heads to become a DARK TREANT and be able to walk once more.
RANDOM ENCOUNTERS 1 every 4 hours for 6 miles d20 1-10 no encounter: Venomous Snake, Giant Spider, Wolf, Bear!
Singing Tree is an area of fungal growth. There are several heads within its branches. The tree is a slow mover (10’) but will fight if it can. If reduced to 10 HP, it will offer PCs a SECRET ATTCKS: 2 x SLAM + 6 (1d6+ 2 plus GRAB) and WEEP (Summon Nature’s Ally).
_If party choose to let tree go, the SECRET will be a major help in the Margreve later. If they kill the tree, she changes into an old grey woman clutching a RED APPLE (+ 1 Cha to he who dares bite into it). 800 XP
Roots of Tree: Silver Mirror with ebony handle 75GP, Potion of Neutralize Poison, Green Jar with silver stopper 10GP, bone hairbrush 30GP, 34 PP, Elaborate ring of Walnut – Ring of the Ram 5 charges, Masterwork Chain Shirt.
Elric Stradivarius will give away his Bloodwood Flute +3 Perform +1 STATUS Orison: Resistance to wielder when played.


Mirror with ebony handle 75GP
Potion of Neutralize Poison
Green Jar with silver stopper 10GP
Hairbrush 30GP
34 PP
Ring of the Ram 5 charges
Masterwork Chain Shirt.
Bloodwood Flute +3 Perform +1 STATUS Orison: + 1 Resistance to wielder when played.

Experience Points:

Putrid Haunt: 600 XP
Witchlights: 400 XP
Bull 600 XP
Bees 800 XP
Wolves 2,400 XP
Hollow Man 1,600 XP
Various Animals ???? XP
Singing Tree 800 XP

List of XP
TOTAL XP: 6,800 divided by No of players
Maximum Per Person: 1,300 (needed4next: 2000)

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