Harkesh Province

Harkesh Province


Although the Player Characters will be based in the capital city, and more detailed information can be found in Harkesh, the city itself is built within a province of its own, dedicated to the war effort and keeping the thriving city alive. Many of the plains and hills around the city are taken up by legions in training or by large humanoid work gangs mining the Dragoncoil foothills for Steel, Copper and Iron.

The deep iron mines of Harkesh are as legendary as the army itself with thousands of Kobaldi overseeing even greater thousands of Jambuka industrially mining the ore and transporting it to local forges and smithies, where hordes of weapons are made to be shipped to the armories in the City, or given directly to the training legions in the lands surrounding the city.

Most of the hills and valleys are either alive with soldiery, mining, forges or transportation, as great trains of wagons transport grain into the city from all parts of the empire, and great flocks of sheep and goats are herded through to the slaughterhouses outside the city, to feed both the city itself and its surrounding legions.

Any Jambuka travelling through this province may be safe enough on the main roads with a Trade Permit but it would be folly to be found anywhere else, and suspicion would be of such a level that those found outside of the trade routes may well find themselves conscripted into the mines, the forges, the slaughterhouses or the legions themselves, either as lowly infantry or as mere target practice for Kobaldi archers.

From all directions, aqueducts transport fresh water to the city from a variety of sources, and these are always well guarded by elite Edjet warrior special forces. The penalty for unauthorised climbing on aqueducts is death, usually preceded by torture. The Dread Sultan cannot afford any mishaps to occur to the city’s water supply. These aqueducts are also continually guarded by Watch Drakes flying high in the sky.

Although the Supreme Ruler of Harkesh Province is actually Satarah al-Beldestani, the actual command in the outerlying province is the Dread Sultan himself, enforced through his generals in the surrounding legions and by various dragonkin and dragon-blooded Satraps in the Mines, Forges and Slaughterhouses dotted throughout the lands.

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Harkesh Province

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