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Sni Ve-lor’s parents lock him in his room but the party manage to get him out. They have a scuffle with Keith, Mick, Ron and Bill at The Black Nurian and come under the attack of a swamp stirge swarm, which devastates much of the city’s Jambuka population. The group are attacked by ghouls, risen from the dead from the Stirge swarm. The diseased bodies are burned by dragons and Martial Law is imposed for two days. The group have a vase stolen but manage to get it back after chasing off some bigoted dragonkin from Squeek’s earlier days.

Adventure Start

Meet Krispy Dacon in The Cockle and Clam – Reward: 10 000GP: Look for remnants of book written by Shakti the Wise (Lich from 3500 years ago) SECRET SPONSOR: Xavier
ENCOUNTER ONE: Streetfight after bar. Maybe characters at -2 Dex due to drinking at meeting.

For Background Info, see: Black Book Adventure Log

Streetfight Stats

Danny Squasha calls out Squeek Squaker for hanging out with his JAMBUKA pals. He and his Kobaldi friend Carl Squeeza keep behind the four Sekban (Red Dragonkin). The Dragonkin are armed with clubs, Carl has a Morningstar, Danny has two swords – longsword and gladius, but will try not to use them, hoping for his spells to put some of the party to sleep, and for his dragonkin companions to beat them into unconsciousness, after which they will steal everything the party has and go “underground”.
Danny also has two “prepared kobold” witnesses (standing in shadows Perception 12) who will swear that the party attacked the kobolds with weapons. (Treat as unarmed Level 1 Rogues)

Danny Squasha – enemy of Squeak, Adept + 4 Bros: Bonnimac, Bennimac, Lennimac, Hennimac
Danny Squasha – Lev 3 Trickster NE – Khespotan AC 20 (24) T14 F17 (21) Init+3 Sp40/ HP 22
Spells DC13: MM 1d4+1; Shield (4AC Imm: MM); Sleep (4HD Will Neg 3 min)/ 6 x ZERO
Longsword +5 (1d6
1) or 2WF (Longsword and Gladius) 3 (1d51)/ 2 (1d41) + 1d6 SNK
S 10 D 16 C 9 I 14 W 10 Ch 16 / F 0 R 6 W 3 / BAB 2 CMB +1 CMD 14 Grapple 16
FEATS: 2 Weapon Fight/ Weapon Focus Longsword/ Arm: Chain Shirt +1/ Darkvision 60’
Skills: Stealth 13 Acro 11 Escape Art 10 Perception 8 (9 Traps) Bluff 9 Intim 9
Forte: Acrobatic +10 to base mv/
2 Acro/Always Running Jump/Roll twice for Acro rolls
TREASURE: Longsword +1, Gladius +1, Chainshirt +1, 50 GP
Carl Squeeza – Lev 2 Cleric of Khespotan – NE – HP 13 AC 15 T10 F15 Init+2 Sp30 / HP 13
Spells DC 13 Cause Fear 35’ 1d4R W = Shaken (-2); CLW; True Strike DOM:DESTR 1 Dmg
Morningstar +2 (1d6
1) Shield: Light Steel Mwk 1/ Chain Shirt +4 Mwk
FEAT: Combat Casting 1d20
9 SKILLS: Percep 7 Spellcraft 5 Heal 6
S 10 D 10 C 12 I 10 W 16 Ch 15 / F 4 R 0 W 6 /BAB 2 CMB +2 CMD 12
TREASURE: Morningstar Mwk, Light Steel Shield Mwk, CLW Potion, 30 GP
Bonnimac Crusha – Lev 1 Dragonkin Fighter – Khespotan – AC 16 T 11 F 15 Init +1 Sp20/ HP 13
Reddish Colour – 5 DR v Fire/ Not yet developed Breath Weapons/ Darkvis 60’
Club 2H +7 (1d6
6) NON LETHAL + 3 (1d6+7) 0 HP = Staggered (1 Act/R) MINUS= unconcs
Throwing Dagger Mwk 3 (1d44)
FEAT: Weapon Focus: Club/ Weapon Focus: Greatsword/ Skills: Perception +1
S 18 D 12 C 12 I 8 W 10 Ch 10 / F 4 R 1 W 0/ BAB +1 CMB +5 CMD 16
TREASURE: Chainshirt Mwk, Throwing Dagger +1, 5GP (x4)
Bennimac Crusha – Lev 1 Dragonkin Fighter – Khespotan – AC 16 T 11 F 15 Init +1 Sp20/ HP 13

Lennimac Crusha – Lev 1 Dragonkin Fighter – Khespotan – AC 16 T 11 F 15 Init +1 Sp20/ HP 13

Hennimac Crusha – Lev 1 Dragonkin Fighter – Khespotan – AC 16 T 11 F 15 Init +1 Sp20/ HP 13

If party are made unconscious and robbed of their gear, they will have three days to try and get it back without it being sold. DC for finding on first day = DC40/ DC for second day = DC30/ Third Day = DC20
(information gathering skills can be added to a party total for each day)
After 3 days; Items irretrievably lost in this order:
Day 4: All Potions
Day 5: Wand of CLW and Healer’s Kit
Day 6: All other items, including weapons and armour.

Enter Dungeon:

Locked Door (Very Old) DC30 Lock DC18 STR to break LOUD NOISE.
Door to left at 30’. Closed but not locked. Piles of bones and rags. Some old boxes in NE corner.
Inside Boxes: Ancient Supplies: Ruined. Metal Token: Symbol – Read Magic: Shakti Token
Something glinting in SE corner. Need to move old rags to see. VERY OLD COIN Worth 100 GP
Moving rags disturbs SW corner. Barrow Wight rises from the darkness and attacks!
PASSAGE: Gelatinous Cube 1000 GP diamond.
Door closed but not locked. Four standing figures in each corner. Good Quality Armour. Bones have turned to dust inside of each armoured suit.
In north edge of room is an old bookshelf. Covered in cobwebs. Old books turn to dust when touched. SECRET compartment behind bookshelf DC38 unless specifically stated, DC12 Click Slide Trapped: Poison Needle: Detect Trap spell or DC22 to notice trap. Giant Wasp Poison DC18 1/R for 6R 1d2 Dex Dmg Cure: 1 Sav. Inside small alcove in wall is Phylactery. (Used to belong to a lesser lich but is now empty – faint magical trace – Resistance +1 if worn around neck.
If SYMBOL OF SHAKTI is in room for 3R or more, the four armed skeleton will come to life. Bones reassemble and suits of armour attack as skeletons.
1 x Phylactery of Resist +1; 4 x Field Plate +1
Strong looking door. Hardwood reinforced by iron. Lock is still good. DC33 but door can be broken down easily. (Hinges have rusted almost to dust). The walls of the room are adorned with bas relief representations of human sacrifice, dragon eggs being broken, ancient clerical symbols and all manner of horrors. In the middle of the room stands a stone rostrum. There is no book on it but standing in front, one can read the words: “Liber Vitae” (Book of Life). Opening any book on this rostrum will light the whole room with a magical light. The Rostum itself is magical (Illusion). The writing can be detected as magical. (Conjuration).
The SECRET DOOR in this room is well hidden and cannot be found. (DC 40). It can only be highlighted by pressing the letters “R, I, T, E” in the correct sequence. This will unlock a catch in the NE section of the wall, a brick will come out, with a button on it. (A clue for this can be found in the Sarcophagus of ROOM 5.)
PASSAGE: DC12 to find pellets on floor. Knowledge Arcana/Nature DC10 to identify giant rat droppings.
Fifteen by Thirty Foot chamber with an Iron Door at the end and a stone throne in front of the door. Bas relief carvings on Northern wall depicting scenes of pomp and ceremony, with lords and ladies in fine costumes giving offerings to a King. On South wall is what looks like stone shelves that may have housed ornaments in the past. Below the selves are more shelves in what may once have been cupboards, but the wooden doors are now old and crumbled. To the north wall (DC12 perception) are some cracks and small tunnels. [These are giant rat tunnels]
If party move around or speak in this chamber, 6 DIRE RATS will enter the room and attack (they are starving). If this encounter is too easy, bring another 4 rats out in Round 3.
Shelves to South: Several ornaments – one made of Gold worth 300 GP.
Rat tunnels: too small for characters to enter.
Throne: Sit on throne and automatically see small indentation in right arm – about the size of Shakti token. Without sitting on throne, use Perception DC21. Door behind opens. Throne has faint magical aura (Conjuration).
Door: Preservation Magic. Lock DC35. Break DC30 or continual dmg IRON DOOR Hardness 10 HP 60. (Opens automatically with Shakti Token in right arm)
PASSAGE: Magically lit. Unmarked floor. Old Wooden Door at end. Magic Mouth (permanency) starts as soon as any living being is 5’ from door:
“Here within lies the most honoured servant of Serrastra. Disturb his rest at your peril!”
Old wooden door. Lock DC25 Break DC15 Hardness 5 HP 15
This room is magically lit. Walls are adorned with bas relief images of Serrastra. Sarcophagus in centre of room. Name on lid: “Ilsamere” STR 18 to open. Inside is a humanoid shape wrapped in bandages with items at his sides:
3 jars on either side, Gold Dagger, Splendid Mace, 2 boxes, Small Ornate Statue. As soon as any of the items are touched, the venomous mummy comes to life. R1: Gets out of the sarcophagus. R2: Engages in combat! AC 20 HP 40 DR 5 +11 (1d8 +5) + venom: DC14 Onset 1 min 1d4 Con/ 1d4 Dex 1 SAV to cure. Vulnerable to Fire but this releases Toxic Smoke.
TREASURE: 6 Jars: 4 x Ointments (400 GP), 1 x Cure Serious Wounds, 1 x Potion of Haste
Gold Dagger +2; Heavy Mace +2
Ornate Gold Statue 500 GP
Box 1: Ring of Protection +1
Box 2: Scarab Brooch with writing on back (Worth 500 GP)

Scarab Brooch: Writing on the back holds the clue to the whereabouts of the Secret Room 6 in Room 3:
“To find the Book of Life, use the Rostrum: From the words LIBER VITAE, perform the rite. (R.I.T.E)”

Nudge clues with intelligence and knowledge rolls etc. Go back to Room Room 3: Press the letters, open the brick: Press the button to open Room 6.
See notes in Room 3 for Secret Door: R.I.T.E. Brick comes out. Press Button.
Inside the room is a small alter with a single scroll resting on it. If the scroll is opened and read, its title can be read as “…of the use of Dragon Eggs in the preparation of Terrible Extension.”

This is just an excerpt from the Tome. Shakti hid various parts of the book in several parts of the city. Presentation of this Scroll to Krispy Dacon will earn the 10 000 GP and will also give EXTRA CLUES to “An Unknown Character” in his study of DRAGONFALL!


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