On the far east of the Empire, bordering the vassal state of Parthia is the remote province of Hariz, a land of both large open plains and dense forests. Many of its inhabitants are humans and gnolls, with some nomadic centaurs also living in the land that breeds excellent warhorses. Lashmaraq Talshah, Queen of Fury, and gargantuan very old red dragon, has been building an elite army of Dragonkin, Drakes and Elementals for decades, and arming them all with magic and the best equipment. Even humans serve in this army, and all her forces are well trained, fast, lean and ferocious – but most of all, they are deadly and efficient, much like the Dragon Lord herself.

Lashmaraq allows no waste and suffers no incompetence in her army’s ranks. Her minions keep meticulous records on everthing, and her spies keep an eye on the other Dragon Lords and her enemies, reporting their every move back to her. She lairs somewhere deep within the Lumera Forest, in a sinkhole and cavern large enough for her to fly within, and she works hard to make sure her elite army is always prepared. Ultimately, she would like to rise up against the rest of the Empire but her armies are continually tested by the Beldestani, the Khazzaki and the Wild Wind Dragons of Qaen.

Tabur: This is the only city of size in the province. There is some trade with Cathay and Sikkim and north even as far as Vidim and Niemheim over the Rothenian Plan but the dragonkin and kobolds dislike this long trek over the plain which can take months.

Kazan: This is a fortress town on the Lumera River, defending against the Parthian border. A magical stone wall extends North and South of Kazan, preventing easy passage for horse raiders or Parthians. This ferry town is also the farthest point that ships can travel upriver on the River Lumera.

Pahrolendi: South of Kazan on the edge of the Red Wastes is a great fortress atop a red stone plateau that serves as the home of Urmanli Nerazi female adult blue dragon and Quartermaster to the Mharoti armies of the east. It is from this point that most campaigns against Khandiria begin.

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