Halls of the Honoured Dead

Halls of the Honoured Dead


Here lie the noble minstrels that we remember…

Arca Domina

Killed by Vampiric Mists in the Tomb of Qoraz on the Island of Karn’lothra.

Arca Domina

“A more graceful archer I had never seen.” (Spikey Jonze)
“Dancer and toxophilite, fiery of temper, whose footfall was light.
May her soul find its mark in the afterlife.” (Arcael)


Killed by Shadows in the Tomb of Qoraz on the Island of Karn’lothra.

“A woman without fear and a bloodlust to match any man.” (Spikey Jonze)
“Wild as the darkest elf-woods, two-swords attacking,
may your spirit roam the woods, enemies hacking.” (Arcael)

Lord Flasheart

Killed by leaping into a pit of Shadows in the Tomb of Qoraz on the Island of Karn’lothra.

Lord Flasheart

“Noble and regal. He was the jewel in our crown.” (Spikey Jonze)
“A true spirit of courage, this testament
wishes him luck on his soul’s dragon hunt.” (Arcael)
“Spikey stood agog.
The gigantic hall in which he found himself stretched off further than he could see. A feast was in full swing the like of which he had never seen. Each reveller seemed to have his own roast boar with a personal keg of ale to boot.
He turned around and saw the figure of Flasheart striding towards him.
“Took on a wraith single handed eh?”
Flasheart gave a conspiratorial wink
“That sort of thing goes down very well around here.”
Spikey shrugged modestly
Slapping the Kobold on the back and making him stumble slightly Flasheart continued.
“Glad you could make it, the others might be along later for a visit. I’ve gotten to know some of the Valkyries quite well since I’ve got here and the band has an open invite.”
A gigantic bowel loosening roar reverberated through the hall
Flashearts eyes lit up.
“C’mon Spikey it’s Dragon slaying time!”
“We need to work up an appetite for supper!” (Kerblamikus)


Killed by Vampiric Mists in the Tomb of Qoraz on the Island of Karn’Lothra.

“The bravest of all rogues, he was my inspiration.” (Spikey Jonze)
“Too loyal and noble for your calling rogue –
for thieves that are brave do not live to be old.” (Arcael)

Jonni Helmsgard

Killed by a leap into the well in the Tomb of Qoraz on the Island of Karn’lothra.

Jonni Helmsgard
“Fair of song and learned in lore,
a goblin will sing of your mercy and more.” (Arcael)

Spikey Jonze

Killed in single combat by a Wight on the Island of Karn’lothra.

Spikey Jonze
“No kobold EVER kept a house like Spikey. Number 10 will never be the same.” (Truman Click)
“Loyal servant, I make this oath,
I shall be kinder in part, to other kobolds.” (Arcael)


Tragically killled by piercing his own neck with an arrow, falling off a tower into a pool of water and drowning while being eaten by swarms of rats in Kaple’s Workhouse.


“He will be cremated with honour and song.” (Incendarius)
“He looked like any other human, and I could not tell them apart
but the savage sweep of his Elven blade, I tell you, friends, was art.” (Taurus)
“If I linger longer I do regret,
but the deeds of Falathar I shall never forget.” (Arcael)

Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall)

Killed by a shadow demon possessing Goran and by his own exploding net mechanism in the Lost Library of Thoth.

Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall)

“Never was a name more apt
But Ironwall has fought his last,
Now his shattered secrets stay intact
Lost to the void of the unknown past.” (Arcael Rennaus)

“May Ironwall rust in peace And may the rest of the party now sneak in peace and quiet. The walking wind up alarm clock will be sorely missed, in times of trouble his armoured shoulder was always there to hide behind.” (Saabu Theet)

“So new to the desert that his gears were yet free of sand, may Rava protect the soul of Tolgren the Great as he leaves the gears of this world to travel beyond.” (Elias Warmine)

They Danced with Death but still they live…

Old Ben Gone

Killed by Abdiel, the Bridle Master, in The Star Citadel, but RAISED by Incendarius.

“Death poses no barriers to a man truly dedicated to his mission…. even if it is simply to obtain cheese.” (Kotira)


Killed by Kaple’s Ghost in the Workhouse Tower in Tarnish, Lower Zobeck but raised by his own party with the treasure haul from the adventure and some serious negotiation from Sir Henry de la Zouche


“His voice soars like a flute!” (Truman Click)

Goran (twice)

Killed by a Shadow Demon in the Lost Library of Thoth but restored to life by Saabu Theet, using the party’s RAISE DEAD scroll.


“He’s a complex kindofa guy!” (Snakey Slithers)

Killed a second time by DIVINE ENERGY at the Destruction of the God Maraut, this time resurrected by a MIRACLE performed by the High Priest of Anu-Akma in Siwal.


“I always tell Goran, that tomb raiding is a hazardous business, but he seems to like it.” (Snakey Slithers)

Bartiman Greenbough

Killed by Silverscale, the mighty Dragonkin Fighter of a Kobold Sleeper Unit in the Sarklan Desert and restored to life by Saabu Theet, using the party’s RAISE DEAD scroll.

Bartiman Greenbough

“He helped destroy a Vine Lord and I showed him a Nandi Bear. I have no doubt he faced his opponent bravely and I long to hear his carnyx again!” (Finrod Halfelven, Lute Player of Siwal).

Saabu Theet (twice)

Killed by the Gibbering Herald released from the Bottle of Madness, Saabu Theet was brought back to life by Thoth himself in the market square of Siwal.

Saabu Theet

Also killed by an Animate Dream from the Dimension of Dreams inside the Pyramid of Black Sands, but luckily restored by a Breath of Life scroll in the nick of time.

Saabu Theet

“Most honoured is the Nkosi Priest from Omphaya. Many people will point to his involvement in the death of The Elephant God, but I ask you, would the Great Thoth-Hermes save one who was not worthy?” (Wasimah the Eldest).

His resurrection was as much to swallow as his death. One lamentable the other incredible. (anon)

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Halls of the Honoured Dead

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