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This section will contain details of adventures taking place outside of the normal prime material realms of Midgard, e.g. beyond the edge of the world, ethereal and shadow planes, etc.


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The Citadel of a Million Stars


Far out past the edge of the world and floating high above the world in the CELESTIAL SEA is the Citadel of a Million Stars, ruled by King Ioratas and Queen Astrakia. It is said that the location within the sea is a small swirled pocket of planar fabric containing elements of both ether and shadow. The asteroid on which it is built appears to float in its own atmosphere, although those who can travel the ether will say that it looks directly down onto the world of Midgard many miles below.

Not much is known of its history and customs but it is known that the King and Queen rule over an assortment of celestial beings of various alignments, the majority of which fall into three main categories: Starbearers, Augur Kytons and Arbiter Inevitables. Other inhabitants include Shadow Fey, Albino Halflings of the Stars, and even some Elves. There are several important figures within the aristocracy, chief of which must be Princess Mydella of the Starry Lovers, who keeps a shrine devoted to both HECATE and VELES and who holds the favour of the VOID DRAGONS.

This strange society propagates a cult of both reverence and butchery of the mythic Isonade or Leviathan as it is sometimes called, using the properties of its flesh for both sustenance and religious communion and it is not exactly clear how, if at all, the community engages with the prime material inhabitants of Midgard.

Schmidt Happens visited the citadel on the back of a Leviathan when escaping from the Isle of Karn’lothra. They defeated the butcher and took his magical bridle to free the Leviathan and themselves, but placated the King and Queen by allowing them to cut a pound of flesh from the colossal creature to regenerate its flesh for their continued use and worship.


First Outer Realms Adventure: To The Edge of The World

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Half Way

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