Lying south of the mystical province of Betik and dangerously close the the warring nation of Ishadia is the red desert wasteland of Gizmiri. Desert sand and bones litter the lands that have fought continual war against the Ishadians. It is also the closest of the Great Provinces to Nuria Natal although the great expanse of the Sarklan Desert lies between these lands and the fertile river cities of that ancient land.

The province is ruled by the colossal great wyrm fire dragon, Atshah, Heart of the Desert, who incorporates the essence of fire as few dragons do: his fiery presence creates the desert around him, and he carries it with him wherever he goes, although he has not moved from his holy temple of Al-Ajach in the capital city of Sarkland for decades. His ultimate goal is to turn all of Midgard into an extension of his realm, although he is still smarting from the fairly recent defeat against Ishadia and Khandiria in the Battle of Wheeling Angels.

Sarkland: City of Dust, the capital of this province is a trade centre for goods and ideas, and grows rich by selling everything to everyone, but it is also a hive of military watchfulness and a breeding ground for war lizards and hunting lizards, both of which enjoy the backed clay and are happy to eat the desert weeds and aloe plants without complaint.

The bazaars in the city are all built to dragon scale and everywhere can be found tea shops catering to both dragons and humanoid traders with Trade Permits The city has a large collection of valuable gold trinkets on sale everywhere and some of the finest jewellery in all Midgard can be bartered for by the wiley dragon who has the stamina to outlast lesser purveyors of goods who cannot bear continued onslaught of the burning sun.

There is also a healthy trade in magical carpets, many of them soaked in the blood of their previous owners and highly sought after by Dragonkin nobles, who travel to the Red Sands to procure such things, along with many other works of silk and yarn; for the looms of Sarkland are notoriously always at work.

Ruins of Kukkutarma: Lying on the western borders of the land near the Sarklan desert on a strong leyline, this horrific place is haunted by wraiths and grey thirsters from the former city of Khandiria and has been extensively looted. Its undercity is ruled by mummies, undead gnolls, and bloodsucking werebats.

Ruins of Harrapo-Dar: Once a city of great ziggaurats and cool canals, these ruins to the south of Sarkland still have useful mills that pull up water for caravans travelling through the area. A single enormous caravanserai calle the Mouth of Maurat remains at the heart of ruined city, that still closes its gates at night.

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