Party Experience Indicator

Level Three

SCHMIDT HAPPENS destroy Kaple’s ghost and save Lower Zobeck from the Night-Things of Tarnish.


Status Points


Characters with more than 5 Status Points can add +2 to any Diplomacy Check.
Characters with more than 10 Status Points can add +3 to any Diplomacy Check.
Characters with more than 15 Status Points can add +4 to any Diplomacy Check, as well as add +2 to any other Charisma Based Check e.g. Disguise, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, Use Magical Device.

Honour Points

NOT VISIBLE TO PLAYERS – Old Ben Gone DEFINITELY has ZERO re-rolls available. Arcael is saving for an item.

Breakdown of Mysteria Award Systems:

1. Experience Points – Awarded as usual (according to encounters) and distributed equally. Any bonus points gained individually will be awarded to the Group. Bonus Points will be awarded for achieving milestones, outstanding play, working out problems, resolving issues and causing laughter at the table, e.g. FUN!

2. Status Points – This is a Midgard Optional Rule. There are guidelines for Status increase but basically they will be gained through musical performance and achievement. (Things that bring reknown).
Status mainly relates to how your character/group is viewed by NPCs. To give you an example, in any attempt to visit the Master of Demon Mountain, any visitors with less than 20 Status Points will be turned away at the gate. NPCs will regard the character with the highest status as DEFAULT LEADER of the group.

3. Honour Points – These are awarded for Obsidian Portal site activity. Embellishments of character, good contributions to forum discussions, adventure logs, etc. all improve both the site and the game at the table and will be awarded individually. This can be translated as “gifts of the gods” and will have no effect on either Experience Points or Status Points. The nature of “Gifts” is dependent on Honour Points amassed, but could include RE-ROLLS, DM Clues (Divine Knowledge imparted), gifts of magical items, and even saving from death.

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