Everyone Lies


INTRO: Lord Schmidt’s Secretary tells them to wait until called. Do not approach!
Party need money! It is HARD TO COME BY!

Lady Marack, Sergeant Hendryk, Spyglass Guild and Cloven Nine are all central to this plot.
Places of Interest include: The Silk Scabbard (Upper and Lower Zobeck and Kobold Ghetto), The Cartways (dark tunnels under Zobeck), Stross Bathhouse (Crown Square), Hommal’s Botanical Roof Garden (Market District and Lower Zobeck).


Iliyana Dukovich, daughter of Lord Greymark
Lord Volstaff Greymark, Consul of Zobeck, Aristocrat, retains Tyron of Silk Scabbard.
Ilyana seduced Lady Marack, Lord Commander of the Free Army, stole Black Book of Confessions with a man called Grigori Some of his friends in THE CLOVEN NINE wanted a share so Iliyana stole the book and tipped the SPYGLASS GUILD to make it appear Grigori had betrayed them all. Iliyana hoped to “recover” book for Lady Marack, thus being in good graces and forcing some sort of recognition from her father. However, Grigori spilt the beans so now Iliyana is on the run from both the Cloven Nine and the Spyglass Guild.


Grigori approaches party to help find his girlfriend and he will pay.
Intimidation from the SPYGLASS GUILD, threats of Blue House Dungeons.
At Silk Scabbard, CLOVEN NINE tell party to quit searching for Iliyana or end up dead.
Sergeant Hendryk offers to help the party. He finds out the BOOK is the key and suggests the CARTWAYS BLACK MARKET is best place to start looking.
Group meets Darakhul Radu Underhill. Tells them where to find Iliyana (Stross Bathouse) and get Ilyana and the book, AS WELL AS Lady Marack to Hommnal’s Rooftop. If so, he’ll ensure they can deliver the book safely so CLOVEN NINE will get nothing out of the deal and the party will escape with their lives.
Meet Iliyana and she agrees to help. Book must be taken from hiding place in Silk Scabbard but when party return with the book, Iliyana is gone. Take book to HOMMAL’S ROOF GARDEN. SPYGLASS Enforcers appear but are thinned down by ambushing ghouls of Radu Underhill. Party must deal with remainder and swop book for their lives to Tiefling Andros of the CLOVEN NINE.

The Hook

At characters’ low level, they cannot afford to make enemies of the SPYGLASS GUILD or the CLOVEN NINE. Grigori wants a trustworthy party to help him and Simon Taylor of WHEATSHEAF TAVERN recommends them due to friendship with Lord Flashman.

Arrange something at the WHEATSHEAF TAVERN! Build up some sense of awe re SPYGLASS GUILD and CLOVEN NINE.
1. PERFORM Party arrange through invitation to go and see M’thanth the Mocking perform at the WHEATSHEAF TAVERN. He doesn’t turn up. CROWD WANT ENTERTAINMENT. If Party offers to sing, make 5 Entertainment Checks. THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation. 4 successes will get an offer to play for money in next two months. 5 successes will also GAIN 1 STATUS POINT for all!
M’thanth the Mocking is found DEAD the next day in the Dockyards. Word about town is that he CROSSED THE CLOVEN NINE.
2. INFO Invitation to WHEATSHEAF TAVERN to discuss a FUTURE PERFORMANCE. Speak to Manager of Wheatsheaf Tavern. He says he has next couple of months booked but can offer trial date in three months’ time. [50 GP total plus food and drink] Leaves and party is joined by Simon Taylor – friend of Lord Flashman Can update on Death of M’Thanth but also glean that party is LOOKING TO EARN. While in bar, four men get up from different tables and surround a man at another table. His friend turns away. All people in the bar lower their eyes as the man is escourted out of the WHEATSHEAF. Simon Taylor discourages any involvement, explaining that the four men are SPYGLASS GUILD.

Party choose a place to meet. Grigori introduces himself and sits down. (Contact: Simon Taylor) Adventure begins. PLAYER AID: PICTURE
SPYGLASS GUILD approach. Squad Leader and 5 strongarms: CR6
Filipa – friend at SILK SCABBARD. Other friend is Iskara. [Grigori’s CODE phrase]
(Gathering information draws attention of the CLOVEN NINE.)
CLOVEN NINE Encounter: (Use SQUAD LEADER and STRONGARMS without Tipstaffs
CITY WATCH: Captain Hendryk Advises to look in THE CARTWAYS for Radu Underhill. Gives them a PLAYER AID: MAP
Kobold Tinker v Duergar outside gates to CARTWAYS. CR1
Meet with Darakhul Radu Underhill Offer of help and Potion CModW each.
Fatigued Barghest sent by CLOVEN NINE trying to stop party leaving Cartways. CR4
OLD STROSS BATHHOUSE – No Weapons – Iliyana unfriendly – CODE Phrase for friendly!
12 Greedy citizens try to apprehend Ilyana and party for reward. – NON LETHAL COMBAT! CR3
Find Safe Room. Ilyana gives each party member a Potion of CLW but stays behind.
SILK SCABBARDBlack Book of Confession in Iskara’s comfort room. Guard: CR1/3
Arrange Meeting at HOMMAL’s ROOFTOP GARDEN at Midnight.
Enforcers of SPYGLASS GUILD enter building but attacked by Radu Underhill’s Ghouls.
Remainder run upstairs to claim book. Stairwell brawl: Spyglass Guild Specialist, Strongarm and 2 Hired Muscle. CR3
CLOVEN NINE human meets party on roof and takes them to Andros in the TEA KITCHEN.
Conclude Deal. Party Free to go. Ilyana gone but note left with KEY to Safety Deposit Box.


5 x CModW potions
5 x CLW potions
Tipstave of Tiefling Sorcerer
Items in Safety Deposit
Money from Grigori???

Experience Points:

Pre-adventure: 1 STATUS POINT
Enforcers: 1600 XP
Duergars: 1200 XP (Kobolds will notice)
Fatigued Barghest: 1200 XP
Greedy Bathers: 200 XP
Silk Scabbard Guard: 100 XP
Stairwell Enforcers: 1200 XP
TOTAL XP: 5500 divided by No of players
Maximum Per Person: 1200 (needed4next: 2000)

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Everyone Lies

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