Duchy of Perun s Daughter


Perunalia, or the “Duchy of Perun’s Daughter” as it is more affectionately known, has the unenviable position of being locked between The Despotate of the Ruby Sea to the North and the Mharoti Empire province of Zaldiri to the South. The land has a long standing alliance with the Free City of Zobeck, but miraculously, the Duchy has remained free of total war for many years. Some believe the Emprie prefers to keep a buffer state between itself and the warlike slave traders of the Despotate, but those from the Duchy itself would say it is down to the vigilance of the Amazonian Guard and the Divine protection of MAVROS-PERUN himself.

The land is ruled by the demigoddess, Her Divine Trancendance, The Duchess Vasilka Soulay, a high level cleric of MAVROS-PERUN, but a significantly less warlike figure than her father. Nonetheless, the women who dominate this land are strong and fearless, and all of them are trained in battle and are extremely well educated in all matters of state. Men are not encouraged to engage in military pursuits in this land, as they are regarded to have too wild and fiery a temperament to weild sword and fire. Instead, men are put to better use rearing children, maintaining households, and manual labour, for which their physical strength gives them an advantage.

Sephaya: This was originally an ancient Elven city and still bears some of the fine architecture from those halcyon days. The city has many beautiful gardens but is more famous for its various Academies and Universities, being one of the highest seats of learning, possibly second only to Bemmea. Like the military and government, most of these institutes are populated and controlled by “the fairer sex”. Every year, Consul of Zobeck, Azeleanara Perunisis, sponsors five young women from Zobeck to study at the revered educational establishments, one of these being Xavier’s sister, Zandramas Pendragon.

Clarsaya: A small city on the confluence of the Argent and Palesh Rivers, and governed by Aglii Soulay, a high ranking paladin in The Order of the White Lions, this place has a huge tower that provides excellent visibility over the horizon.

Orkasa: This is the main trading city on the mouth of the Argent as it flows into the Ruby Sea. Many great ships are built here and the garrison and navy is always alert to the possibility of raiding parties from Reth-Saal or even the possibility of attack from the sea by the Empire, although it is known that naval resources of the Empire are weak due to the wars with the Seven Cities.

Oysterharbor: A fishing village that maintains a stout stone wall due to threat of raiders from the Ruby Despotate. Known for consistently stunning white, pink, and even black pearls.

Portocale: Known for fruit trees and flowers, Portocale is a sweet-smelling river town that retains many traces of its days as an Elven bastion of rich crops. It still grows lemos, oranges, hazelnuts, and vast fields of roses for its queen and for the people; most are eaten locally but some travel great distances as luxury items.

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Duchy of Perun s Daughter

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