Despotate of the Ruby Sea

Despotate of the Ruby Sea


The Rubeshi are ruthless people livng on a peninsular south of the Rothenian Planes. Each summer they ride north to capture slaves from the plains and raid the lands of the people there. Master of the Ruby Sea, Lord of Land and Sky, Despot Veltrin the Younger, The Glittering King, is a fifteenth level human mage and rules from the city of Reth-Saal.
By offering blood sacrifices to the White Goddess he turns once hopeless slaves into strong, hulking, bloodthirsty warriors. These demonised warriors grow weak and listless after a short time but Veltrin uses them ruthlessly in battle and thinks nothing of their death or demise so long as they fight fiercely against opposing armies in the time that their unnatural strength remains.

Veltrin’s lords and captains are as cruel as himself and often they raid the shores of nearby lands in their great red sailed ships, all magically bound to their masters in terrible ways and controlled by blood, demonic commands and arcane spells.

Even the Mharoti coastal provinces of Betik, Mezar and Zaldiri are subject to these raids. Veltrin has been careful not to attack Mharot’s own province of Kalpostan, and even from the others, is careful to take only humans as slaves. Since the victims have been lowly Jambuka, the previous Sultana has always looked the other way, but more recently the new overlord, Dread Sultan Ozmir Al-Stragul has demanded tribute of Veltrin. No answer has yet been given, so their lies an uneasy tension over the Ruby Sea.

Veltrin’s court is a place of terrible feasting, accommodating gnoll mercenaries, occasional visits by children of the Lord of Demon Mountain and even one of the daughters of Baba Yaga. Nobles that displease him are turned into his golem bodyguards commanded by Zaganos, the Bloody Hand of the King, a powerful tiefling fighter/sorcerer.

The small city of Reth-Saal is strongly fortified by a great wall and is host to a variety of slave markets and precious gem fayres. All activities are scrupulously watched by secret spies of The Despot and The Bloody Hand and dissent of any kind is not tolerated.

The notorious black and red sails of the king’s ship, Golden Bird, are feared throughout the region. The demon Yarochort is bound to the masthead under control of the Despot and fishermen flee their villages even if they see the ship passing by.

Goran originated from this land.

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Despotate of the Ruby Sea

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