Challenge of The Fang

Challenge of The Fang


Intro to The Old Margreve – MAPs, PICS, Margreve Rumours, etc.

Get Printed Pics.

PERFORM (Wheatsheaf Tavern) Make 5 Entertainment Checks. DC 20 THREE SUCCESSES will guarantee good crowd appreciation and free rounds of drinks from Alexei Splitleaf. 4 successes will raise status of each member by ONE POINT. 5 successes will get all of the above but GAIN 2 STATUS POINTS each instead of one!!

Check total STATUS POINTS for each character as well as total HONOUR POINT AWARDS:
No Change to Status Points.


On the old Northern Road, between the RUINED GRIFFON TOWER and the WITCH’S INN, the Party meet up with a dead man carrying a magical hatchet pursued by wolves and become embroiled in the story via the Geas power of the hatchett. In the Witch’s Inn, they meet Mother Babushka and Hodel Kohler who offers them a FIREBIRD FEATHER to save his daughter from the Would-be-King-of-The-Wolves. (POWERFUL GEAS: NO SAV, LOSE -3 to each ability per day until all at -1. LASTS FOR ONE FULL WEEK AND ONLY WISH OR MIRACLE CAN CURE.

Margreve is LEV 20 Caster with 30 Cha: Spell DCs are 10 + 10 (Cha) + Spell Level.

Roll for Margreve Rumours. Arcael will have knowledge of Margreve abilities.


Party sent by Alexei Splitleaf of Allain to pick up some old wood carvings from a contact in the Eyes of The Forest Inn. They are given a credit note to pay the inn proprietor for some rare carvings by the secretive Margreve Artist Woody Banks. Return with the carvings and any other interesting tales and stories they may pick up along the way. FIREBIRD FEATHER (Resale Value: 1,125 GP)


The Great Northern Road: Witch’s Teat Inn

It takes five days of travel along the Great Northern Road to reach the Eyes of The Forest Inn. Adventure will take place at The Witch’s Teat Inn on the fourth day. (Pass Rivensky Brewery, Old Mikhael’s Inn and Ruined Griffon Tower on the way). No Ley Lines in The Old Margreve.
Adventure takes place in Eastern Margreve: Line of sight 90’ – 180’
Check MEMORY for any new characters from in or around Zobeck: 25% chance of forest being “unfriendly” (NB: Blood needs to be spilled for forest to remember)

Take Careful note of Any OATHS made for CHALLENGE by VILAs in TEST TWO in THE PATHS OF GAMAYUN.
RUST: Non magical dagger broken in a day, destroyed in two. (Need constant repair – Mending, Make Whole or oil can be used to prevent rust – bottle for 5sp has 5 applications – shield 1 per day, armor 2 per day) NB: TRUMAN CLICK AND ARCAEL WILL KNOW OF THIS!
WILDNESS: Beasts and animals revert to feral. Domesticated creatures save 1/day or “SNAP THE LEASH”! DC 23 WILL SAVE
Awaken, Ghost Sound, Reincarnate at will all apply to forest animals and plants.
MAGIC SIPHONING: All spells have a -1 modifier to CL.
ABJURATION: Visual; HEALING: sprouting, twiggy growths; CONJURATION: Silver Cord, effects to Teleport, etc.; DIVINATION: Vines move, 10% chance incorrect; EVOCATION: Visual effects, ILLUSION: Margreve can change things.
Sorcerers of FEY Bloodline feel the Forest has a task for them. Will be lured to PATHS OF GAMAYUN, like it or not!


Back Story

An age old battle of supremacy exists between the wolves and the humans. To intervene and save Czervonya Kohler from death and prevent the wolves dominating The Old Margreve for the next three generations, they must head into the Paths of Gamayun and pass THREE TESTS to arrive at The Treehouse of Mother Babushka in time to save Czervonya Kohler and improve the plight of mankind throughout the forest for years to come.

Fight in The Fog (Between ruined Griffon Tower and Witch’s Treat Inn)

Fog descends. Horse carrying dead man wielding magical hatchett. Awakened Wolves in pursuit. CR 1 GEAS for wielder of hatchet. WOLF KILLER + 1 silver THROWING AXE.

Refuge and Revelation (Witch’s Treat Inn)

Old Crone Soothsayer and desperate father, Hodel Kohler. Old Crone is Mother Babushka CR 6 and father offers FIREBIRD FEATHER. Pilgrims are Werewolf BOLESLAV and 9 Vargamors, hoping to follow the party and ambush them in their sleep or further into the forest.

Paths of Gamayun

Unavoidable – to leave, treat as Wall of Thorns 50’ thick. Dmg to pass = 25 – AC per round. STR to move (5’ for every 5 points over DC20) On either side are GREEN HUSSARS ToTOM p27 Will not attack unless attacked or attempts made to burn the maze.

Three Tests (Refusal to complete OR Failing ALL tests brings on ATTACK OF THE MORA (See Below)

Test of knowledge of “The Old Ways”.
Cross the river and negotiate with the BAGIENNIKS. Killing the Bagienniks FAILS THE TEST. 4 x CR 2

Feeling tired or looking to rest? Distracted by the two VILAS (ToTOM p33)? Czerwonya is in danger and TIME is of the essence! Friendly archery challenge to be accepted to pass quickly without being distracted by other diversions. MORE THAN ONE OATHBREAKER OR REFUSING TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE FAILS THE TEST!

Three Tests of the Ala Stuthac (ToTOM p24) “NO CHEATING!!!” (Anyone caught cheating gets a blast of CALL LIGHTNING 2d6)
Choose between SKILL, STRENGTH or WITS. (If players choose, “ALL” she will be even more angry but will agree.
A single party member must play a stringed instrument requiring DISABLE DEVICE DC20 to avoid Wasp Swarm. Three Perform checks DC14 permitted. 6 checks needed in total. Stuthac will be satisfied with ONE successful Perform Check.
A single party member must outwrestle the dwarf Zapasnik for Best of Three PINS. (Dwarf is an illusion of a LESHY (MoTOM p28) Will SAV DC15 to disbelieve – FAIL: Add +4 to CMB and CMD
3. WITS:
A single character must play gul bara (Backgammon type game). First player to remove all 12 pieces from the board is the winner. Opposed INT Chcks. For every 2 pts that winner gains over the other, a piece is removed. (Sleight of hand DC10 adds +2 to chk result but this is opposed by perception). Spells like Prestidigitation, Suggestion and Silent Image may also be useful.
Stuthac’s Magical Gameboard
Die roll favourably to give + 4 to board owner’s checks. (Normal Ala INT is 10) Perception Chk DC25 is needed to notice this. Every time winner removes a piece from board, loser feels stab of pain and loses 1HP.
_Victorious PCs are allowed to leave unmolested. If all three challenges are won by the PCs, *Stuthac
is forced to grant them a boon._ (See p60)
_If PCs FAIL all three tests, Stuthac allows PCs to leave unmolested as long as one volunteers to be eaten. If they do not comply, she calls down hail and lightning for a couple of rounds but soon tires and pushes them out of the area with fiery conflagration.

Party can then leave the Paths of Gamayun but if they have FAILED all three tests, then they will be attacked by THE MORA as well. (See p57) 38HP AC18 Diminutive INIT +4 Darkvision 60’ and Low Light Vision F6 R8 W3 Sanctuary DC15, Immune to Weapon Dmg CL7 Concentration +5
ATTKS: 1d3 Cha dmg and fatigue DC15 SPECIAL: Deadly Dreams (Unconscious take CON Dmg instead of Cha dmg - LULLABY Will DC12 3xDay (-2 for 7R)

Belly of the Beast (Treehouse of Mother Babushka)

Gathering of Dolls and footprints before reaching tree. See prints of human, wolf, treant. Mother Babushka’s hut is 30’ off the ground in a large tree. Treant guarding. Full XP for avoiding conflict with treant.

Would-be-King-of-the-Wolves has swallowed Babushka and can now use her spells. He is about to attack Czerwonya and party need to defeat him. If Babushka’s magic is used up, he will vomit her up and try to swallow a magic using member of the party to carry on fighting. Babushka can be set free with a successful sunder on the belly of the wolf.

If Czerwonya is saved, she will offer the incantation “STORIES THAT WOLVES TELL” (+ 1 STATUS) and extra reward from Alexei Splitleaf of Allain She may also offer her MAGIC CAULDRON TO THE GROUP Check out Pots, Cauldrens, etc.)

Forest opens up quickest way to THE EYES OF THE FOREST INN. Exchange and return journey made without incident.

Section at beginning added in:
See added treasure below:


Wolf Killer + 1 Silver Throwing Axe
Firebird Feather (Cont Light and prot from elements: cold) – Hodel Kohler
Worg Salve (11 doses) – Brother Boleslav and Pilgrims
Amulet 480 GP Borislav
Stuthac’s Enchanted Gameboard
Stories that Wolves Tell incantation
Magic Pot or Cauldron
Sand Arrow (x6) from Vila’s
980 GP in sack at Griffon Pool
500 GP bugbears
500 GP books (1000 GP if given to Alexei Splitleaf)
125 GP ogres
Dispel Magic Scroll (Secret Storage in Tower)
1000 GP Griffon hatchlings

Experience Points

Awakened wolves 2400 XP
Brother Boreslav and Pilgrims 2400 XP
Bagienniks (4) 2400 XP
Vilas (2) 3200 XP
Stuthac the Ala 4800 XP
Wasp Swarm 800 XP
Leshy 1200 XP
Raudnun the Treant 4800 XP
Czerwonya Kohler 100 XP
Mother Babushka Devoured 2400 XP
The Would-be-King-of-Wolves 3200 XP
ADDED EXTRA: Bloodtree 2,400 XP
Bugbears 3,000 GP
Ogres 2,400 XP
Brother Borislav with new Vargamor group 2400 XP

MAX XP: 37 900 (TOTAL) Div by 6 = 6,320 Max

Will take characters just past half-way on LEV 4

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Challenge of The Fang

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