Boys R Us


Somewhere deep in the Grand Souk there is a small spice bar with no sign where women are only allowed in if accompanied by men. Strangely enough, this establishment is owned by a woman called Ghazal Adara, who likes to take a very “hands on” approach to ownership and can usually be found “flirting” with “her boys” and the male customers who come to dance and intoxicate themselves with the spices of pleasure and love.

Some of the best dancers in Siwal can be found here and the wines and spirits are of the very highest quality. Merchants and traders who wish to escape their normal family lives can be found in the shadowy rooms, as can beautiful young boys hoping to make a good impact on wealthy sponsors.

Although the establishment doesn’t have an official name, it is registered as The House of Adara but is commonly and affectionately known by its patrons as “Boys R Us”.

Entertainment, music and dance are of the highest quality and all are common occurences at weekends in the Basement Bar, with its magical lights and its unique reverberating sound. Some of the city’s top acts are known to play here, including solo performances by singer Peter Lafayette of Peter and the Puddings.

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Boys R Us

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