Blue Water Inn

Welcome to your home away from home, where the beer is plentiful, the wine of middling quality, the food palatable and the company interesting.

The Blue Water Inn has only been arround for four or so years, however it already has a rapidly growing reputation as a good place to be. This is in part for it’s unique rules of attendance and the Bluewater Spirit that is brewed through the back.

The stone carved tablet of rules is the first thing that greets you upon entry:

*Leave your pretty prejudices at the door, all are welcomed here.
*Never draw your blade or seize magic in anger, doing so will result in a ban no matter who you are!
*Take any grievances to the ring, settle your problems with honor and strength.
*Pay your dues, any unpaid standing tabs and bets will be dealt with severely!
*Keep you hands to yourselves, the staff’s weapons aren’t just for show!
*REGULARS If you have wish to fight tie a silk red ribbon arround the scabbard or haft, ask at the Bar for details.

*REGULARS If you have no interest in fighting tie a silk blue ribbon arround the scabbard or haft, ask at the Bar for details.
*For betting see the Board Master, payment upfront for regular fights. (Max of 1gp per regular fight.)

Bluewater Spirit: This Sky blue liquid is where the Inn takes it’s name. Brewed within the Inn itself this drink is becoming very popular with the Noble houses, as a result Esmeeria has taken precautions to ensure a lasting stock.

Drinking: As a swallow is initially knocked back it tastes of slightly sweet aniseed and mixed spices. A fiery burning then works it’s way through the pallet enriching and intensifying the taste, working it’s way down the throat and opening the sinuses. Finally a chill, refreshing, minty taste washes through through the mouth leaving the drinker refreshed and invigorated. The entire process of tastes takes 1d3mins to cycle.

(Note on first time drinkers. Roll a d20 + Con bonus, on 1-6 splutter out the burning drink, you may not attempt to drink this again for six months.)




Floor plan, primarily butchered from Curse of Strahd.

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Blue Water Inn

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