Bloodwood Tree

The Bloodwood Tree

The Bloodwood Tree is a type of tree found only in The Old Margreve. Although rare, it is highly sought after because of the magical properties it can confer to musical instruments when treated in the correct process.

The small tree is usually no larger than 12 feet in height and is covered with extremely sharp thorns that can prick through the thickest of gloves and sometimes even through chain mail. For anyone trying to break off a piece of the tree, there is a 50% chance that they will be pricked even if protective clothing is worn. If no protective clothing is worn, there is a 75% chance of being pricked. Using protective clothing and a long axe or saw, there is still a 25% chance of being pricked as thorns splinter off and fly in all directions.

Anyone pricked by the Bloodwood Tree is immediately KNOWN to The Margreve as an ENEMY and will ellicit aggressive behaviour for the rest of their lives.

The leaves of the Bloodwood Tree are dark red and are not commonly eaten by many creatures, although it is said that the DARK DRAKE CATERPILLAR feeds on them. Flowers are bright red and pink and are pollinated by bees and other insects. They are most commonly found within the FOREST HEARTS and seldom grow outside of these areas.

Bloodwood Instruments

The wood of a Bloodwood Tree is very difficult to work with and only master craftsmen and musicians can get the results they wish out of it. It is said to improve performance, elevate the status of the musician and offer other magical powers.

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Bloodwood Tree

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