Barsella by Deliseyyah

Barsella, or the “CITY AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD”, is an important coastal town ruled by THE FOUNDING FAMILIES, a council of old pirate and merchant family representatives. Having had a long history as one of the most important ports in the mainland and as the midpoint of trade between the REAVER DWARVES of the North and the SEVEN KINGDOMS of the South, it is not surprising that there are some very wealthy and influential personages and organisations based in the city.

Having been traders with the ancient Ankeshelians, as well as one of the NINE MAGOCRACIES, the city has always had a rich culture of trade, wizardry and MYSTERIA, and the role of SAILORS is held in such High Esteem that they are regarded as heroes and great adventurers.

Much communication is made with the WIZARD TOWER of BEMMEA, the ROYAL DUCHY OF DORNIG, the NORTHLANDS, ZOBECK, CANTON DWARVES and both MINOTAURS and HUMANS from the South. It is even said that trade agreements exist with the MHAROTI EMPIRE itself and nobody can doubt the revered tradition of WESTERN EXPEDITIONARY voyages that started in ANKESHELIAN days but have continued to this day with many dangerous exploratory missions across the Great Western Ocean.

Gods worshipped within the City include CHARUN, THOR, SARASTRA, SEGGOTAN and NUBERU and important personages include Simez Rothgazzi, Lord Speaker Muros Anthor, Admiral Ulrich Thorrson, High Commander Bertolf Reinholdt and Harbourmaster Yvaine Talis. Apart from trade of all types with both Northern and Southern merchant navies and with the airships of the Dwarven Canton of Thunderforge and the GRAND DUCHY of DORNIG, important trade goods within the city include imported silks, exotic spices, lumber, ships and gold.

SCHMIDT HAPPENS visited the city on an errand to deliver a package to Simez Rothgazzi, going on an adventure to The Isle of Karn’lothra and beyond.

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